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     口罩和疫苗至关重要! Facial Masks and vaccines are crucially important!


我们一起做台湾健康操哦! Let's Do Taiwan Fitness Exercises Together!


Nowadays, people pay more and more significance to fitness. Especially during the current pandemic and even facing medical isolation, JYang specially recommends fitness exercises in Taiwan to you all, which will definitely bring you unexpected relaxation, pleasure and health.

高龄者健康操 Fitness Exercise for Elderly


上班族健康操 Fitnessy Exercise for Office Workers


                    词语学习 Words to learn          2022.1.6

二(èr)十(shí)四(sì)节(jié)气(qì) 24 solar terms
  立(lì)春(chūn) the Beginning of Spring (Feb.3,4, or 5)
  雨(yǔ)水(shuǐ) Rain Water (Feb.18,19 or 20)
  惊(jīnɡ)蛰(zhé) the Waking of Insects (Mar.5,6, or 7)
  春(chūn)分(fēn) the Spring Equinox (Mar.20,21 or 22)
  清(qīnɡ)明(mínɡ) Pure Brightness (Apr.4,5 or 6)
  谷(ɡǔ)雨(yǔ) Grain Rain (Apr.19,20 or 21)
  立(lì)夏(xià) the Beginning of Summer (May 5,6 or 7)
  小(xiǎo)满(mǎn) Lesser Fullness of Grain (May 20,21 or 22)
  芒(mánɡ)种(zhǒnɡ) Grain in Beard (Jun.5,6 or 7)
  夏(xià)至(zhì) the Summer Solstice (Jun.21 or 22)
  小(xiǎo)暑(shǔ) Lesser Heat (Jul.6,7 or 8)
  大(dà)暑(shǔ) Greater Heat (Jul.22,23 or 24)
  立(lì)秋(qiū) the Beginning of Autumn (Aug.7,8 or 9)
  处(chù)暑(shǔ) the End of Heat (Aug.22,23 or 24)
  白(bái)露(lù) White Dew (Sep.7,8 or 9)
  秋(qiū)分(fēn) the Autumn Equinox (Sep.22,23 or 24)
  寒(hán)露(lù) Cold Dew (Oct.8 or 9)
  霜(shuānɡ)降(jiànɡ) Frost's Descent (Oct.23 or 24)
  立(lì)冬(dōnɡ) the Beginning of Winter (Nov.7 or 8)
  小(xiǎo)雪(xuě) Lesser Snow (Nov.22 or 23)
  大(dà)雪(xuě) Greater Snow (Dec.6,7 or 8)
  冬(dōnɡ)至(zhì) the Winter Solstice (Dec.21,22 or 23)
  小(xiǎo)寒(hán) Lesser Cold (Jan.5,6 or 7)
  大(dà)寒(hán) Greater Cold (Jan.20 or 21)

除(chú)夕(xī) Lunar New Year's Eve
春(chūn)节(jié) the Spring Festival
正(zhènɡ)月(yuè)初(chū)一(yì) the lunar New Year's Day
元(yuán)宵(xiāo)节(jié)(灯(dēnɡ)节(jié)) the Lantern Festival
拜(bài)年(nián)  pay a New Year's call
春(chūn)联(lián)Spring Festival couplets
春(chūn)节(jié)联(lián)欢(huān)晚(wǎn)会(huì) Spring Festival gala
烟(yān)花(huā) fireworks
鞭(biān)炮(pào) firecrackers
虎(hǔ)年(nián) the Year of the Tiger
本(běn)命(mìnɡ)年(nián) the animal year in which one was born


     温馨.提 "Kind.Reminder"                                  更多 more


••• 你希望2022.03到中国学习吗?Do you wish to study in China in 2022.03?


 2022 Prospectus for Chinese Government Scholarship of LZU                      2022.01.16


留学科大|USTC(University of Science and Technology of China) International Admissions 2022 Call for Application   2021.11.7


     西安外国语大学2022年国际中文教师奖学金(一学期)研修项目 Xi'an International Studies University 2022 International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (One Semester) Training Program Enrollment                                                      2021.10.28


   全球中文学习平台 Global Chinese Learning Platform (GCLP)    2020.9.1

   天主教大学学生简历格式推荐  CV (resume) format recommended for KUL students

  2021 中国政府奖学金-WMO项目 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship-WMO Program

 ••• 关于《国际中文教育中文水平等级标准》和新的HSK About ”Standard for Chinese Proficiency in International Chinese Language Education" and New HSK

 ••• 《国际中文教育中文水平等级标准》”Standard for Chinese Proficiency in International Chinese Language Education"

 ••• HSK一至六级代表了怎样的中文水平? What kind of Chinese proficiency does HSK Level 1 to Level 6 represent?    2021.8.6


    关于波兰学生报名HSK的建议  Suggestions for Polish students to register for HSK

Many Polish students now need to register for HSK, but in the near future (2021-2022) all HSK centers in Poland are closed, no HSK arranged, so JYang suggests that you can register for HSK at HSK centers in neighboring countries. E.g,

乌克兰Ukraine: http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=44879874

白俄罗斯 Belarus:



德国 Germany:


俄罗斯 Russia:

芬兰 Finland:

你可以在网上查看最方便的地方,而且有的考点还有网考( HSK Online):


••• Oferta pracy (Job offering) by Polish Embassy in China 波兰驻华大使馆招聘信息


          近期信息 "Recent News"                    更多 More

 • 本网站重要信息 Vital Information of This Website


      请在手机上下载“微信”并点击⊕,然后扫描下面的二维码直接进入我的公众号,或者在微信的“通讯录 - 公众号 - +”中搜索“杨老师汉学”或“JYangSinology”。

      I have just opened my public account "杨老师汉学JYangSinology" to be subscribed in the popular chat app "WeChat", in order to push articles faster and better to students and all friends learning Chinese.

      Please download "WeChat" on your smartphone and click⊕, and then scan the QR code below for direct access to my public account, or search for "杨老师汉学" or "JYang Sinology" in "Contacts - Official Accounts - +".



     为方便同学们查看我的微信公众号“杨老师汉学JYangSinology”,在左侧设立了专栏“微信平台WeChat Platform",同学们可以查看微信公众号的主要文字内容。

    In order to facilitate students to view my Wechat Public account "杨老师汉学JYangSinology", a column "微信平台WeChat Platform" has been set up on the left. You can view the main texts in my WeChat public account.

最新推荐 The latest recommendation

          杨老师关于汉语学习的建议 JYang's advices on your Chinese learning

          医学汉语(四)癌症疗法    Medical Chinese (IV) Cancer Therapies 

         你知道这些中国地名及其翻译吗?Do you know these Chinese place names?

         中国名城(一) 古都 Famous Chinese cities (I) Ancient capitals

         中国名城(二) 67个名城 Famous Chinese cities (II) 67 famous cities

         世界地名汉译揭秘 Mysterious Chinese Translation of Toponym

          抑郁症,一个沉重的话题 Depression Disorder, a Heavy Topic

                 你想学习下围棋吗?Do you wish to learn Go (Weiqi)?

          学下围棋喽(1)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(1)-- 过这村就没这店啦Now or Never

          学下围棋喽(2)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(2)-- 基本规则Basic Rules

          学下围棋喽(3)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(3)-- 基本规则Basic Rules

          学下围棋喽(4)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(4)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

          学下围棋喽(5)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(5)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

          学下围棋喽(6)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(6)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

          学下围棋喽(7)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(7)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

          学下围棋喽(8)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(8)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

          学下围棋喽(9)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(9)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

          学下围棋喽(10)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(10)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

          学下围棋喽(11)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(11)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

          学下围棋(12)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(12)-- 战略布局Strategic Overall Layout




        也欢迎大家点击“我的互动平台” 进入另一个多彩的世界。大家还可以到“开心一刻”栏目来轻松轻松。

Dear students and friends,  

      Hi, Cześć! I am JYang. This website, created all by myself, is mainly targeted at my Chinese courses at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, hoping that this platform will be a good friend for Chinese learning.

       And you are welcome to click "My Interaction Platform" to access another colourful world. You may also visit "Moment of Fun" for fun.

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