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同学们、朋友们:                                                                             (请留心下面的《温馨提醒》





    (:这个网站作为 J.Yang 在卢布林天主教大学所任汉语课程的教学平台,非商业非盈利,也供其他学习汉语人士参考。同时,本网站平台愿意帮助所有的汉语老师在本网站上设立其独立的汉语教学网页,J.Yang 将负责上传等技术工作<当然是免费的>。为此,特地设立了一个"共享平台"栏目。)


Dear students and friends,                                                           (Please notice the "Warm Reminder" below)

      Hi, Cześć! I am J.Yang, your teacher and your friend. This is the website "My Chinese Courses Platform", ceated all by myself with my own hands, aiming at promoting our teaching and learning.

      This platform is rich in resources. It is hoped that this platform will be a good friend for learning Chinese, a "window" to know more about China, a personal "library" for self-learning, and a "learning paradise" for entertainment.

      This platform I designed,, not gorgeous and eye-catching, focuses on the practicality of content and ease of use. I put all the columns on the left of the home page, so you will see everything just at a glance, and nearly all the web pages can be opened the moment clicked, some hyperlinks excluded.

       And you are welcome to click "My Interaction Platform" on the left top to enter a colourful world.

    (Note:This website, non-commercial and non-profit, is a teaching platform for J.Yang's Chinese courses at Catholic University of Lublin, also for other Chinese language learners' reference. Meanwhile, this platform is willing to help all Chinese teachers to set up their own independent Chinese teaching pages on this website, and J.Yang will do such technical work as uploading (of course it is free). Thus, a "shared platform" section has been set up for this purpose.)



《温馨提醒》:    《有关新闻》栏目最新消息:

         6. 2019年度卢布林天主教大学举办HSK和HSKK考试的时间和报名网站 -- 2019.12.15

         5. 孔子新汉学计划2019-2020年度博士招生开始,项目联系人:王昕生;邮箱 -- 2018.12.15

         4. 首届中国留学生波兰语演讲大赛26日在托伦举行。来自卢布林天主教大学的卢玉莹和孟婉莹获得1-2年组的第一名和第三名。 -- 2018.11.27

         3. 2018年度波兰举办HSK和HSKK考试的时间、地点和报名网站 -- 2018.10.15

         2. 波兰中国签证申请服务中心,请留意 -- 2018.10.11

         1. 中国银行华沙分行招聘信息,请留意 -- 2018.10.5


"Warm Reminder":    The latest information in "Relevant News":

         6. Time and Websites to Register 2019 HSK and HSKK at KUL -- 15.12.2018

         5. 2019 Confucius China Studies Program (CCSP) Ph.D. Fellowships Admission Launched. The program contact: Wang Xinsheng, Email address: --15.12.2018

         4. The first “Polish Speech Contest of Chinese Students in Poland” was held in Torun on Nov.26, 2018.  Lu Yuying and Meng Wanying from Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II won the first place and the third place w 1-2-letniej grupie. -- 27.12.2018

         3. Time, Places and Websites to Register 2018 HSK and HSKK in Poland-- 15.10.2018

         2. Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Poland. Please notice. -- 11.10.2018

         1. Recruitment notice of Bank of China Poland Branch. Please notice. -- 05.10.2018


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