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    On the occasion of the Chinese New Year and the Polish winter holidays, JYang is presenting amber gemstone pictures and words, with my best wishes for your health and happiness!

            一入琥珀深似海 Touching Amber leads to an unknown world like sea


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We have classes online now. What will you do at your home or dormitory after the online classes? If you want to prepare for HSK, JYang has a suggestion, because if you apply for scholarships to study in China, you must pass HSK.

我的建议是:你们可以到这个网站的“汉语水平考试 HSK”栏目中的“考试资料HSK Materials”,在那里我已经放进去很多很多非常有用的HSK学习材料供你们自学,从HSK一级到六级,包括“HSK标准教程”(课本、音频、练习册、PDF下载等)等等。

My suggestion is: You may go to "考试资料 HSK Materials" in the "汉语水平考试 HSK" section of this website, where I have put a lot of very useful HSK learning materials for your self-study, from Level 1 to Level 6, including "HSK Standard Courses" (textbook, audio, workbook, PDF for download, etc.), etc.       



            杨老师关于汉语学习的建议 JYang's advices on your Chinese learning


         The university now has started a new semester. Each newcomer and current Chinese student of Sinology will have their own study plan. Here, JYang offers you some advises for reference.

1. 入学伊始尽早设定毕业后的基本就业方向,因为语言专业学生毕业后的工作有各种可能:教师(汉语、英语、波兰语......)、翻译、律师、文秘、商务、公司、办公室......;

    At the beginning of the semester, set your basic career direction after graduation as early as possible, because there are various possible jobs for language students after graduation: teacher (Chinese, English, Polish...), translator (interpreter), lawyer, secretary, company, business ,Office......;

2. 根据基本就业方向选择有关第二学历(双学位);

    Decide your relevant second degree (double degree) according to your basic career direction;

3. 对于学校的课程,根据根据基本就业方向确定重点学习的课程:

   • 如果准备作教师工作,就一定要重点学习听说读写译和语法知识,并重视语言学、翻译理论、历史、文学、思想、政治、哲学史、心理学、艺术、古代汉语等类课程,并准备继续读硕、读博;

   • 如果准备作律师、商务、公司、(口语、书面)翻译等工作,就一定要重点学习专业汉语、科技汉语、商务汉语、经贸汉语、经济阅读、公司汉语、法律汉语等类课程;

    For our university courses, according to the basic employment direction after graduation, determine your key courses you will engage yourself in.

   If you plan to work as a teacher, you must focus on the learning of listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and translation as well as grammar, and pay more attention to linguistics, translation theory, history , literature, ideology, politics, history of philosophy, psychology, art, classic Chinese, etc., and will continue the study for master and Ph.Dr degrees;

   If you plan to work as a lawyer, or work in business, company, (oral, written) translation, etc., you must focus on the learning of professional Chinese, technological Chinese, business Chinese, economic and trade Chinese, economic reading, company Chinese, law Chinese and other courses;

4. 除学校开设的课程,还要自学未来就业可能必要的有关热门技能,例如计算机编程语言Python(越来越多招聘单位会优先考虑掌握Python者);

    In addition to the courses offered by the university, you should also study by yourself some relevant popular skills that may be necessary for future employment, such as Python, a computer programming language (more and more employers will give priority to those who have mastery of Python);

5. 如果希望将来作翻译工作,要多重视听说读写基本技能,从一开始就打下好的基础,要做到“开口不凡,出手不凡”:



    If you want to do translation work in the future, you should pay more attention to the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and lay a solid foundation from the very beginning, in order to be "extraordinary in speaking, and extraordinary in writing".

   If it is oral translation, pay attention to oral Chinese (elementary and advanced) courses, especially for daily words and idioms in Chinese;

   If it is written translation, pay attention to professional Chinese composition courses;

6. 在校期间尽量利用奖学金留学机会,以及业余实践的机会例如在语言学校、商业公司、翻译公司(关于中国翻译公司的具体建议已经发到各班邮箱)中兼职;

    Make the best use of opportunities for studying abroad with scholarships while at university, and for practice as part-time jobs in language schools, business companies or translation companies (specific suggestions on translation companies in China have been sent to your class email addresses);

7. 新生以扩大词汇为主,以语言的流利为主,不要害怕出错,因为汉语不是语法严谨的语言,有非常大的灵活空间;

    New students should try to enlarge your vocabulary and concentrate your energy on language fluency. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, because Chinese is not a rigorous language with strict grammar system but with a lot of room for flexibility;

8. 最后,杨老师建议可以按照方便和自愿,两(三)个人组成会话对子(小组),一定会对语言学习有极大帮助的。

    Finally, JYang suggests that two (or three) students can form a speaking pair (small group) according to convenience and willingness, which will definitely be of great help with your language learning.



            波兰电影(中文字幕) Polish films (with Chinese subtitles)

 ★  梦幻飞琴 The Flying Machine (汉语 in Chinese, 2013)

 ★  肖邦 . 爱的渴望 Chopin. Pragnienie milosci / Desire for Love/ The Greatest Love Stories (2002)

 ★  居里夫人 Madame Curie (2016)

 ★ 女友的秘密 Carte Blanche (波兰语 in Polish, 中文和英文字幕with Chinese and English subtitles, 2015)


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         一入琥珀深似海 Touching Amber leads to an unknown world like sea

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        Alliance of International Science Organizations (NSO) Scholarship 2021 Call for Applications    2020.11.26

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Dear students and friends,  

      Hi, Cześć! I am JYang. This website, created all by myself, is mainly targeted at my Chinese courses at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, hoping that this platform will be a good friend for Chinese learning.

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