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        也欢迎大家在左上角或下面点击“我的互动平台” 进入另一个多彩的世界。大家还可以到左下角或下面的“开心一刻”栏目来轻松轻松。

Dear students and friends,  

      Hi, Cześć! I am J.Yang, your teacher and your friend. This website "My Chinese Courses Platform", ceated all by myself with my own hands, is for my Chinese courses at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, aiming at promoting teaching and learning, and also provides as much reference as possible for students who want to learn more and study further about China.

      This platform is rich in resources. It is hoped that this platform will be a good friend for learning Chinese, a "window" to know more about China, a personal "library" for self-learning, and a "learning paradise" for entertainment.

      This self-designed platform focuses on the practicality of content and ease of use. Nearly all the web pages can be opened the moment clicked, some hyperlinks excluded.

       And you are welcome to click "My Interaction Platform" on the left top or below to enter another colourful world. You may also visit "Moment of Fun" on the left bottom or below for a good relaxation.


         Go & See!               Go & Have Fun




             1. 卢布林天主教大学2019.2.24 HSK考试临近,请仔细阅读本网站HSK“考试资料”栏的“介绍” --2019.1.31

    "Kind Reminder":   

             1. 24.02.2019 HSK exams at KUL are approaching. Please read carefully "Introduction" in HSK "HSK Materials" column --31.01.2019






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