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        这个平台资源丰富,从我们课堂使用的课本到课内课外所有有益的教材包括各种文本和视听资料,从各级HSK和HSKK汉语考试到奖学金申请,从全方位的学习中国知识到在中国学习和工作,可以说应有尽有。希望这个平台将成为你们学习汉语的最好的朋友,将成为你们经常来访的课堂的“好助手”,更多了解中国的“窗口”,自学的个人“图书馆”,和轻松一下的“学习乐园”。 你们从我们的大学(波兰卢布林约翰·保罗二世天主教大学)毕业之后,这个平台仍将作为你们最实用的语言文化资源之一而伴随着你们,是你们忠实的朋友。






Dear students and friends,

      Hi, Cześć! I am J.Yang, your Chinese teacher, and your friend. After several days of work day and night, the website "My Chinese Courses Platform" together with "My Interaction Platform", made all by myself with my own hands, is now completed (Oh, my eyes and fingers), which is an open Chinese-learning platform, aiming at promoting our teaching and learning.

      This platform is rich in resources, from textbooks used in our classrooms to all useful in-and-after-class teaching materials including texts and audiovisuals, from HSK and HSKK Chinese tests at all levels to scholarship applications, from a full range of learning about China to learning and working in China, that is, you will own everything here. It is hoped that this platform will be your best friend to learn Chinese and will become a frequently visited "good assistant" to our classes, a "window" to know more about China, a personal "library" for self-learning, and a "learning paradise" for entertainment. When you graduate from our university (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, Polska), as one of your most practical language and culture resources, this platform will still stay with you as your honest friend.

      This platform I designed, not gorgeous and eye-catching, focuses on the practicality of content and ease of use. I put all the columns on the left of the home page, so you will see the whole and keep everything in your mind just at a glance, and nearly all the web pages can be opened the moment clicked, some hyperlinks excluded.

      I am convinced that you will come to love this platform.

      Now, please click and start your online roaming and Chinese learning journey.

    (Click the column on the left top to enter "My Interaction Platform". Click the player button on the bottom to control the background music.)