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公司进行生活和工作上的沟通,要求会开车,合同期一年。如果你有意或知道有意者请尽快联系。----- 2020.01.20










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Job offer information. China Hydropower International Corporation need some interpreters working around Łęczna to the east of Lublin, Poland, to help Chinese company with their work and life. The requirement is that you can drive cars. The contract is one year.If you are interested or know someone who is interested in the job, please contact me ASAP.                    ------ 2020.01.20


Silk Road School, Renmin University of China (Suzhou)
Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies
2020 Program Overview


 Overseas Students Film Summer School 2020,Shanghai University

Xi’an International Studies University: Confucius Institute Scholarship 2020

 Zhejiang Normal University: Confucius Institute Scholarship Program 2020

 Extend the Application Deadline of CI Scholarship to June 30

  Global Chinese Learning Platform (GCLP)









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                天主教大学停课期间我们的宅家课程 Our Home Courses during the Period of Suspension of KUL

  ★★★ 请各班同学登录天主教大学在线,进入 Moodle 进行我们的汉语网络学习。

  ★★★ Studenci moich kursów w KUL, proszę zalogować się do e-KUL i uzyskać dostęp do Moodle dla naszej nauki chińskiego online.

  ★★★ Students of my courses at KUL, Please log into e-KUL and access Moodle for our online Chinese learning.

  ★ 课外阅读-奥尔加·托卡尔丘克:《怪诞故事集-罐头》(Opowiadania Bizarne-Konserwy by Olga Tokarczuk)              



                            周杰伦新歌 Mojito Jay Chou Mojito






波兰新冠病毒跟踪 Poland COVID-19 Map

卢布林新冠病毒实用信息 Coronavirus Practical Information /Lublin 4 All

新冠病毒防护手册(英文) Handbook_of_COVID_19_Prevention_English

     新冠病毒防护手册(中文) Handbook_of_COVID_19_Prevention_Chinese

     (特别对抗疫医院和医生非常有用 It is very useful especially to the hospitals and doctors fighting epidemic)

       全球共享平台 Global MediXchange (English and Chinese)






























































        也欢迎大家点击“我的互动平台” 进入另一个多彩的世界。大家还可以到“开心一刻”栏目来轻松轻松。

Dear students and friends,  

      Hi, Cześć! I am JYang. This website, created all by myself, is for my Chinese courses at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II.

      This platform is rich in resources. It is hoped that this platform will be a good friend for Chinese learning.

      This platform focuses on the practicality of content and ease of use.

       And you are welcome to click "My Interaction Platform" to access another colourful world. You may also visit "Moment of Fun" for fun.


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      Hi, I am JYang. I have just opened my public account "杨老师汉学JYangSinology" to be subscribed in the popular chat app "WeChat", in order to push articles faster and better to students and all friends learning Chinese.

      Please download "WeChat" on your smartphone and click⊕, and then scan the QR code below for direct access to my public account, or search for "杨老师汉学" or "JYang Sinology" in "Contacts - Official Accounts - +".
      Stay tuned and keep following.


• Vital Information of This Website
In order to facilitate students to view my Wechat Public account "杨老师汉学JYangSinology", a column "微信平台WeChat Platform" has been set up on the left. You can view the main texts in my WeChat public account.

The latest recommendation:

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            "Chengdu" by Polish young man

            Popular“Xue Hua Piao Piao”

            Visit the Forbidden City and mysterious Zhongnanhai I

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         商务汉语课堂辅导 (八)















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