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                                                             汉语视听 Audiovideo in Chinese


    This section provids an additional video field in Chinese for the students. "Part One" is for the first-to-third-year students, and "Part Two" is for senior students.


                              I. 第一部分 低年级学生汉语视听 Part One  Audiovideos For Junior Students

第一组 Group I (MP4)

1. 阿里巴巴和四十大盗 Alibaba and forty thieves                                       2. 问候五首歌 5 songs to learn Chesese greetings

3. 水果歌 Song of fruits                                                                                 4. 问候歌 Song of greetings

5. 认识 动物 Know animals                                                                           6. 学汉语-我的家 Learn Chinese - my family

7. 学汉语-时间 Learn Chinese - time                                                             8. 我的家人 My family

9. 身体部位歌 Song of our body parts                                                           10. 数字歌 Song of numbers

11. 两只老虎 1 Two tigers 1                                                                          12. 两只老虎 2 Two tigers 2

13. 几点 What's the time?                                                                             14. 我的朋友在哪里? Where are my friends?

15. 学汉语 - 我的家 Learn Chinese - my family


第二组 (哈娜的相册) Group II (Hana's Photo Album)  (MP4)

1. 熟悉角色 knowing each member of the family                                 2. 忙碌的早晨 A busy morning

3. 阴天 It is cloudy                                                                               4. 开学的第一天 The first day of the new semester

5. 特别的午餐 Special lunch                                                                6. 别挖鼻子了 Don't clean the nose by rubbing

7. 妈妈我生病了I am ill, Mother                                                          8. 打嗝 Snoring

9. 我喜欢书 - 1 I like books - 1                                                           10. 我喜欢书 - 2 I like books - 2

11. 一块新尿布 A new piece of diaper                                                 12. 微笑 Smiling

13. 上和下 Up and down                                                                      14. 等一下 Wait a moment

15. 这是你的事情 This is your wrok                                                     16. 夏天生日 Birthday in summer

17. 生日聚会邀请卡 Invitation for birthday party                                  18. 我最喜欢的生日食物 Birthday food I like best

19. 我的生日聚会 My birthday party                              20.. 生日聚会的寻宝游戏 treasure-seeking game at birthday party

21. 三个愿望 Three wishes                                                                    22. 不要偷看 Don't peek

23. 一,二三 1, 2, 3                                                                                24. 星期天下午 Sunday afternoon

25. 躲开球 Avoid the ball                                                                        26. 奶奶的生日 Granny's birthday

27. 漂亮的裙子 Beautiful skirt                                                                 28. 您好,奶奶 Hi, granny

29. 接电话 Answer a telephone call                                                          30. 金阿姨来电话了 Telephone call from Aunt Jin

31. 电话留言 A telephone message                                                          32. 你有一个留言 A message for you

33. 你多重 What is your weight?                                                              34. 哈达9.5公斤 Hada weighs 9.5 kg.

35. 欢迎你,圣诞老人 Welcome, Santa Claus                                         36.  圣诞快乐 Merry Christmas Day!


第三组 (卡特家庭) Group II  (The Carter Family)  (MP4)

1. 游戏之夜 Night for games                                                                     2. 树屋 Tree house

3. 学校的演出 Performance at school                                                       4. 去野营 Go for a picnic

5. 在超市 At a supermarket                                                                       6. 不要弄脏了 Don't get it dirty

7. 奥利弗的新眼镜 Oliver's new glasses                                                   8. 好狗罗孚 Good dog Rover

9. 粉刷的好日子 Good day for decoration                                                10. 看牙医 See a dentist

11. 哈利的朋友 Hary's friends                                                                   12. 暑假 Summer vacation

13. 庭院售物会 Courtyard market                                                             14. 在沙滩上 On the beach

15. 电影院 Cinema                                                                                     16. 蛋糕 Cake

17. 太空魔杖 Outer space wand                                                                 18. 公园野餐 Garden picnic

19. 图书馆 Library                                                                                      20. 给艾米的惊喜 Good news to surprise Amy

21. 母亲节 Mother's Day                                                                             22. 后院 Back yard

23. 游乐园 Amusement park                                                                        24. 紫色的围巾 Purple scarf


第四组 (央视 快乐汉语) Group IV (CCTV Happy Chinese)

快乐汉语 Happy Chinese

1. 猫 Cat                           2. 年龄 Age                       3. 歌 Song                          4. 钱币 Money                   5. 鞋 Shoes

6. 菜 Dish                          7. 瓜 Mellon                       8. 喝 Drink                         9. 狗 Dog                           10. 脸 Face

11. 说 Say                         12. 儿 Baby                       13. 车 Car                          14. 铁 Iron                          15. 语 Language

16. 想 Think                      17. 微信 WeChat              18. 帽 Hat                           19. 老 Old                           20. 华 China

21. 棋 Chess                      22. 兰 Orchid                    23. 梅 Wintersweet             24. 菊 Chrysanthemum         25. 牡丹 Peony

26. 姿势 Posture                27. 胡 Foreign Food         28. 洗 Wash                        29. 缘 Predestination            30. 泪 Tears

31. 丰 Abundant                32. 夸 Praise                     33. 闲 Idle                           34. 油 oil                              35. 猜 Guess

36. 换 Exchange                37. 简 Simple                    38. 选 Choose                     39. 刷 Brush                         40. 宝 Treasure

41. 安 Peaceful                  42. 根 Root                      43. 皮 Skin                          44. 雌雄 Male and Female    45. 撑 Support

46. 骨 Bone                      47. 迷 Addicted                48. 开 Open                         49. 忘 Forget                        50. 装 Pretend

51. 考 Exam                     52. 花 Flower                    53. 译 Translate                    54. 胖 Fat                            55. 搭配 Collocation

56. 素 Plain                  57. 代 Generation            58. 化妆 Makeup              59. 岁 Year Old              60. 腊月 Twelfth Lunar Month

61. 闺蜜 Confidante          62. 变 Change                   63. 染 Dye                          64. 夫 Husband                     65. 止 Stop

66. 秘密 Secret                 67. 标 Mark                      68. 魔 Magic                       69. 角 Angle                         70. 武 Martial

71. 针 Needle                   72. 养 Raise                      73. 靠谱 Reliable                 74. 秀 Show                         75. 乡 Village

76. 牌 Brand                     77. 说与做 Say and Do    78. 谋 Seek                         79. 听 Listen                          80. 情 Affection

81. 味 Taste                      82. 车 Vehicle                   8. 豆 Beans                         84. 番 洋 西 Foreign West   

 85. 上与下 Up and Down                                        86. 一带一路 The Belt and Road


                                II. 第二部分 高年级学生汉语视听 Part Two   Audiovideos For Senior Students

第一组 Group I

2. 微观世界 Microcosm


第二组 Group II

1. 孔子 Confucius


2. 孟子 Mencius  MP4

3. 老子 Lao Tzu  MP4

4. 《道德经》 Tao Te Ching  MP4

5. 庄子 Chuang-tzu  MP4

6. 孔府档案 Confucian Archives

    第一集 新朝旧例 First Episode New Dynasties with Old Traditions

    第二集 康熙祭孔 Soncond Episode Kangxi: Memorial to Confucius

    第三集 富贵豪门 Third episode Rich and Noble Family

    第四集 诗礼传家 Fourth Episode Poetry and Etiquette Tradition

    第五集 乱中求存 Fifth Episode Surviving in Wars

    第六集 末代风云 Sixth Episode Events for the Last Generation

7. 神农架 Shennongjia in Hubei of China

    第一集 神往之地

   第二集 生生不息

   第三集 天人合一

8. 西藏时光 Tibet Time

    第一集 家园

    第二集 小活佛

    第三集 舞者

    第四集 高原追梦

    第五集 雪域深处

9. 大运河 Grand Canal

    第一集 千年水道 First Episode Millennium Waterway

    第二集 码头风云 Sencod Episode Dock Storms

    第三集 华夏粮仓 Third Episode Granary of China

    第四集 流淌的美味 Fourth Episode Delicious Foods

    第五集 老街深处 Episode 5 Deep in the Ancient Lanes

    第六集 会馆和它的主人们 Sixth Episode Guild Halls and Its Owners

    第七集 腔调 Seventh Episode Accents

    第八集 终点 起点 Eighth Episode Finishing Point Starting Point

10. 油画的门道 Doctrine of Oil Painting

     第一集 宗教画质疑 First Episode Questioning Religious Painting

11. 《美丽的运动-足球的历史(精编版)》  "Beautiful Sports - The History of Football (Fixed Edition)"

    英国成为足球发源地 古代足球的形成 Britain Became the Birthplace of Football, the Formation of Acient Socer

    乌拉圭举办了第一届世界杯足球赛 Uruguay Hosted the First World Cup

    意大利举办的第二届世界杯 英国仍拒绝参与 Britain still refused to participate in the Second World Cup in Italy

    上世纪五十年代世界各地的世界杯精彩赛事 World Cup Exciting Events All Over the world in the 1950s

    臭名昭著的圣地亚哥之战 The Infamous Battle of San Diego

    球王贝利的精彩进球瞬间 Football King Bailey's Wonderful Goal

12. 神秘的大佛 Mysterious Big Buddha

       上集 大佛疑云 First Episode Suspection of the Big Buddha

        下集 寻找大像 Second Episode Looking for a Big Image

13. 消失的古国 绿洲佛国 1 A Disappearing Ancient Kingdom, a Buddhist Kingdom in an Oasis I

      消失的古国 绿洲佛国 2 A Disappearing Ancient Kingdom, a Buddhist Kingdom in an Oasis II

14. 布达拉宫1 Potala Palace I

     布达拉宫2 Potala Palace II

     布达拉宫3 Potala Palace III

     布达拉宫4 Potala Palace IV

     布达拉宫5 Potala Palace V

15. 岩中花树1 Flower Tree in the Rock I  (意大利传教士利玛窦 Italian missionary Matteo Ricci in China)

      岩中花树2 Flower Tree in the Rock II

16. 动物传奇. 重返伊甸园1 Animal Legend. Return to the Garden of Eden I

     动物传奇. 重返伊甸园2 Animal Legend. Return to the Garden of Eden II

18. 青年钢琴家 郎朗 Young Pianist Lang Lang

19. 老片回忆 Memory of Old Films   三个和尚 Three Monks

 20. 老片回忆 Memory of Old Films  哪吒闹海 Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King


第三组 Group III

1. 韩干 Han Gan

2. 边塞诗Frontier Poems

3. 柳宗元 Liu Zongyuan

4. 韩熙载夜宴图 Han Xizai Night Banquet

5. 早发白帝城 Leaving Baidi City in Early Morning

6. 京剧 Peking Opera

7. 中国书法 Chinese Calligraphy

8. 中国画 Chinese Painting

9. 乐山大佛 Leshan Giant Buddha

10. 文房四宝 Scholar's Four Treasures

11. 年画 New Year's Picture

12. 汉字 Chinese Characters

13. 皮影戏 Shadow Play

14. 中国瓷器 Chinese Porcelain

15. 中国剪纸 Chinese Paper-cutting

16. 青花瓷 Blue & White Porcelain

17. 桃花源记》"Legend of Land of Peach Blossoms"  MP4

18. 名楼风韵——名楼观止

      名楼风韵——名楼观止 Charm of Famous Buildings --View of Famous Buildings

      名楼风韵——名楼流芳 Charm of Famous Buildings -- Lasting-reputation of Ancient Buildings

      名楼风韵——名楼观止 Charm of Famous Buildings-Skillful Arts

19. 白居易 Bai Juyi

20. 杜甫 Du Fu

21. 苏轼 Su Shi

22. 《黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵》 Yellow Crane Tower Sends Meng Haoran's Guangling

23. 《史记》 "Historical Records"

24. 《孙子兵法》 The Art of War of Sun Tzu

25. 《山海经》 Shan Hai Chin

26. 情系敦煌——莫高窟 Love is Dunhuang - Mogao Grottoes

27. 云冈石窟 Yungang Grottoes

28. 《白蛇传》 Legend of White Snake

29. 司马迁 Sima Qian

30. 《望庐山瀑布》 Looking at Lu Mountain Waterfall

31. 《梁祝》 Butterfly Lovers

32. 北京故宫Beijing Forbidden City

33. 十二生肖Chinese Zodiac

34. 李白 Li Bai

35. 郎世宁 Lang Shining

36. 《西厢记》 The Story of the Western Chamber

37. 曲阜孔庙 Qufu Confucian Temple

38. 王洛宾 Wang Luobin

39. 蓬莱阁 Penglai Court

40. 秦始皇陵兵马俑 Terracotta Warriors and Horses

41. 让我们荡起双桨 Let's Paddle Together

42. 福建土楼 Fujian Earth Building

43. 甲骨文 Oracle

44. 唐三彩 Tri-colored Glazed Pottery


第四组 Group IV

1. 波兰. 克拉科夫1 Poland. Krakow I

      波兰. 克拉科夫2 Poland. Krakow II

2. 旷世奇才 米开朗基罗(上) The Wizard of the World, Michelangelo I

      旷世奇才 米开朗基罗(下) The Wizard of the World, Michelangelo II

3. 米开朗基罗 Michelangelo

5. 绘画大师梵高(上) Painting Master Van Gogh (Part 1)

    绘画大师 凡高(下) Painting Master Van Gogh (Part 2)

 6. 走进梵高博物馆 Visit the Van Gogh Museum

7. 著名画家 达·芬奇 Famous Painter Da Vinci

8. 《达·芬奇的人生密码(精编版)》  "Da Vinci's Life Code (Fixed Edition)"

    第一集 达·芬奇的手稿 First Episode Da Vinci's Manuscript

                 达·芬奇想要成为杰出的工程师 Da Vinci Wanted to be an Outstanding Engineer

                 达·芬奇的生平 The life of Da Vinci

                 水的力量 Power of Water

                 达·芬奇研究飞禽 Da Vinci Studied Birds

                 才华横溢的达·芬奇 Talented Da Vinci

     第二集 牢狱之灾 Second Episode Suffering from Jail

                 达·芬奇设计出了数百种武器 Da Vinci Designed Hundreds of Weapons

                 铸造巨马雕像 Casting Giant Horse Statue

                 人体比例研究 Human Body Proportion Study

                解剖学研究 Anatomical Study

9. 俄罗斯·圣彼得堡 1 Russia, St. Petersburg I

      俄罗斯·圣彼得堡 2 Russia, St. Petersburg II

10. 罗马·最后的帝国1 Rome, the Last Empire I

     罗马·最后的帝国2 Rome, the Last Empire II

11. 文艺复兴 Renaissance

12. 地中海印象——高迪 Mediterranean Impression - Gaudí

13. 毕加索 Picasso

14. 梵高 Van Gogh

15. 达·芬奇 Da Vinci

16. 伦勃朗 Rembrandt

17. 佛罗伦萨 Florence

18. 庞贝古城 Pompeii

19. 圣彼得大教堂 St. Peter's Basilica

20. 雅典卫城 Acropolis

21. 埃及金字塔 Egyptian Pyramids

22. 哥伦布 Columbus

23. 埃菲尔铁塔 Eiffel tower

24. 帕特农神庙 Parthenon

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