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Teaching Materials 教学材料



I. Basic Class Materials 课内学习材料

    1. Phonetics 语音

    2. Language Points 语言点

    3. Essays and Stories in Classic Chinese 文言文短文和故事

    4. Classic Poetry 古诗词

    5. Calligraphy or Pismo 书法或书写

II. More 更多

    1. Phonetisc 语音

    2. Grammar 语法

    3. Chinese Characters 汉字

    4. Essays in Classic Chinese 文言文短文

    5. Classic Poetry 古诗词

III.    More Learning Materials Online 更多网上学习资料

   1. Economy 经济类

    2. Language and Literature 语言文学类

    3. Famous Chinese Literary Masterpieces Reading Online 中国文学名著在线阅读

    4. 其它 Others


I. Basic Class Materials 课内学习材料

    1. Phonetics 语音

        Chinese Vowels and Consonants 汉语声母韵母表

        Reading Aloud with Correct Pronunciation 朗读材料

        8 Poems to Read Aloud for Better Chinese Pronunciation 8首诗歌朗诵

        Chinese Tongue Twisters (with Polish tongue twisters) 汉语绕口令(附波兰绕口令)

        Stories from Idioms and Traditional Stories in Spoken Chinese Class 汉语口语课的成语寓言和经典故事

    2. Language Points 语音点

        汉语初学者口语基本句型及量词 Basic Spoken Chinese Sentence Patterns and Measure Words for Beginners

        Chinese Measure Words 中文量词

        Chinese Lexical and Syntax Grammar 汉语词法和句法

        Chinese Grammar Phrases 语法中文短语

        Often-used Expressions 常用习惯用语和俗语

        Ancient Expressions from "Analects of Confucius" 来自《论语》的古典词语

    3. Essays and Stories in Classic Chinese 文言文短文和故事

        "On Teachers" with Modern Chinese and English Translation 《师说》原文及现代汉语和英语翻译

        "Encouraging Learning" with Modern Chinese and English Translation 《劝学》全文及现代汉语和英语翻译

        "Words about My Room" with Modern Chinese and English Translation 《陋室铭》及现代汉语和英语翻译

         "Love of Water-lily " with Modern Chinese and English Translation 《爱莲说》原文及现代汉语和英语翻译

        Stories from Idioms 成语故事

    4. Classic Poetry 古诗词

        20 Poems Students of Sinology should know 汉学系学生应该知道的20首诗词

        Poems from Ancient Times 古诗词

        60 Selected Ancient Poems 60 首精选古诗

        Selection from Poems by Great Romantic Poet Li Bai with English Translation 诗仙李白诗词及英译

    5. Calligraphy or Pismo 书法或书写

        Chinese Character Structure 汉字结构

        Chinese Character Strokes 汉字笔画

        Chinese Character Strokes Demonstration 汉字笔画演示

        Essay Pen-writing 短文硬笔书写

        The Way to Write Beautifully 怎样写得漂亮 MP4

        The Way to Write Beautifully 怎样写得漂亮 Online

        Practical Rhythmic Chinese Writing Sheets 实用节奏汉语书写练习纸

        Characters Brush-writing 单字毛笔书写    

        Essay Brush-writing 短文毛笔书写

        Kai-style Calligraphy ABC for Chinese Primary and Middle School Pupils 中小学生欧体楷书入门

        Copybook for Cao-style Calligraphy ABC 草书快速入门字帖

        Copybook for Xing-Cao Style Calligraphy 行草书法字帖

        "Origns of Zhuan-Li-Kai-Xing-Cao” “篆隶楷行草”的来历

        Copybook for Kai-style Calligraphy by Liu Gongquan 柳公权楷书入门大字帖

        Copybook for "Preface of the Orchid Pavilion" by Wang Xizhi 王羲之兰亭序大字字帖

        Copybook for Kai-style Calligraphy of Tang Dynasty Poems by Zhou Huijun 周慧珺唐诗楷书字帖

        "Yueyang Pavilian" by Fan Zhongyan (with English Translation) 范仲淹:《岳阳楼记》(附英文)

        100 couplets of the Forbidden City 故宫的100个对联


II. More 更多

    1. Phonetisc 语音

        ZhuIn-hanIn Contrast 注音拼音对照表

        Four Zhuyin and Pinyin Phonetic Alphabet Symbol Systems in Chinese 汉语四种注音拼音对照表

        Fanqie Chinese Traditional Phonetic Symbol System with Two Characters 反切

        Simplified and Complicated Traditional Chinese Characters 汉字简化字繁体字对照表

        Pronunciation of Some Chinese Characters 容易读错的汉字

        Some Chinese Characters with Polyphone 容易读错的多音字

        Pronunciation of Some Chinese Idioms 容易读错的成语

        Miss-pronounced Characters out of Carelessness 一不小心就读错的字词

        106 Chinese Polyphone Characters 106个多音字

    2. Grammar 语法

        Essential Grammar-Knowing Passive Sentences and Sentences" with "Ba" 基础语法-认识被动句和”把"字句

        Special Sentence Patterns in Ancient Chinese 古代汉语中的特殊句式

        Functional Grammar of Chinese Language 汉语功能语法研究

        Classic Expressions Used in Letter Writing in Ancient Times 古时书信常用语

        Traditional Chinese Letter Writing 中国传统书信的构成

        Common Respectful, Modest and Elegant Words in Classic Chinese 古代汉语常用敬词谦词和雅语

        Can You Use these Chinese Etiquette Phrases? 这些中华礼仪用语,你会用吗?

        Fancy Idoms 成语之最

        Passive Voice Sentences 被动句

        Synonyms Distinguishment 同义词区分

        Common Terms in Chatting Software 聊天软件中的常用术语

    3. Chinese Characters 汉字

        Table of all Oracle Characters 全部甲骨文对照表

        Integrated Chinese Words 汉语合体字

        Reading "Chinese Characters Explanations" 读经典《说文解字》

        Common Errors between Traditional Characters and Simplified Characters 繁簡字常見錯誤

    4. Essays in Classic Chinese 文言文短文

        Zhu Ziqing - "Back" / "Moonlight on Lotus Pond" 朱自清 - 《背影 》/ 《荷塘月色》

        Quotations from "The Commentary of Zuo" 《左传》语录

        "Land of Peach Blossoms" 《桃花源记》

       Peots from Tang Dynasty and Their Poems 唐代诗人绰号和各自的代表作

        "Three-Character Canon" with Modern Chinese Translation 《三字经》全文及现代汉语译文

        "Three-Character Canon" with English Translation 《三字经》英语翻译

        "Collected Better-known Sayings" with Modern Chinese Translation 《名贤集》原文及现代汉语翻译

        "On Horse" with Modern Chinese Translation 《马说》原文及英文翻译和现代汉语翻译

        "Collection of Best Classic Chinese Prose" with English Translation 《古文观止》及英译

        Text of Thousand Characters 千字文

         Zou Ji Prevailed upon the King of Qi to Welcome Remonstrance” with English and Modern Chinese Translation and Notes “邹忌讽齐王纳谏”及英文和现代中文译文及注释

        Seeing Li Yuan Off Back to Pangu 送李愿归盘谷序

        Ten Points of Deliberation Recommended to Emperor Taizong with English Translation 《谏太宗十思疏》英译本

        Fun Talk about Poets in Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty 唐宋诗人趣谈

        "The Wisdom of Ancient Aphorisms" Original Text and Interpretation 《增广贤文》原文+释义

        Ancient Essays in Chinese Junior High School Textbook 中国初中课本中的文言文

    5. Classic Poetry 古诗词

        Poems from Tang Dynasty 唐诗

        All Editions of English Translation of 320 Tang Dynasty Poems by Betty Tseng 曾培慈英譯唐詩三百首

        The Song of Everlasting Regret” by Bai Juyi (Tang Dynasty) in Simplified and Traditional Characters with Pinyin and English 白居易(唐)《长恨歌》简体及繁体字并附拼音及英文翻译

        "Song of a Pipa Player" by Bai Juyi (Tang Dynasty) with Pinyin and English 白居易(唐)《琵琶行》附拼音及英文翻译

            Pipa Xing (Song of a Pipa Player) 琵琶行 MP4

        Song of the Parting Son” by Meng Jiao (Tang Dynasty) with Pinyin and English Translation 孟郊(唐)《游子吟》附拼音及英文翻译

        Inlaid Harp Musical Instrument 锦瑟

        Rivers and Snow 江雪

        “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” by Poet Zhang Ruoxu with Pinyin and English 张若虚《春江花月夜》附拼音及英文翻译

        All Editions of English Translation of 310 Song Dynasy Poems by Betty Tseng 曾培慈英譯宋詞三百首

        "Song of Divination" by Li Zhiyi (Song Dynasty) with Pinyin and English 李之仪(宋)《我住长江头》附拼音及英文翻译

        "The book of Odes and Hymns" with Explanations 《诗经》和现代汉语解释

        “The Book of Odes and Hymns” with English Translation 《诗经》及英文翻译   

        "A Pair of Peacocks Southeast Fly" in English and Chinese 《孔雀东南飞》英语翻译及汉语原文

        "A Pair of Peacocks Southeast Fly" with Morden Chinese Translation and Explanations 《孔雀东南飞》原文及现代汉语翻译与解释

        “A Short Song Ballad” by Cao Cao with Pinyin and English 曹操《短歌行》附拼音及英文

        To the Tune of Lang Tao Sha by Li Yu (937 AD-978 AD) with Pinyin and English 李煜《浪淘沙令》附拼音及英文翻译

         Xu Zhimo "Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again" with Pinyin and English 徐志摩《再别康桥》附拼音及英文翻译

        Peom by Lin Huiyin "You Are This World's April Day” with Pinyin and English 林徽因《你是人间的四月天》附拼音及英语翻译

        “Ten-mile Lake” with Pinyin and English 《十里平湖》附拼音及英文翻译

        Ancient Poems in Chinese Primary and High School Textbook 中国中小学课本中的古诗词


III.    More Learning Materials Online 更多网上学习资料

   1. Economy 经济类

        China Economy News 中国经济新闻网-专业的经济媒体

        Online Newspapers in China 中国网上报刊大全

        China Economy 经济日报集团报刊杂志一览_中国经济网——国家经济门户

        China Economy Online中国经济网——国家经济门户

        China Financial News 中国金融新闻网

        Economy 经济网_发现商业价值 关注未来经济

        Fanance 财经网 - CAIJING.COM.CN

        China Economic Information Network 中国经济信息网

        Stock Marcket Monthly 股市动态分析周刊 - 股市动态分析周刊官方网站

        Trade2CN 中国诚商网


    2. Language and Literature 语言文学类

        Chinese Dialects 中国汉语方言图 - 中国语言网

        Sentences from "Book of Ancient Poems" 《诗经》里最美的句子

        English Translation of Chinese Poetry —— 中文詩詞英譯 | 曾培慈

        Basic Strokes of Pen Calligraphy 钢笔书法基本笔画 - YouTube

        Calligraphy Teaching and Learning 書法教學 01 - YouTube

        "Intrigues of the Warring States" 《战国策》

        "The Analects of Confucius" 《论语》

        "Mencius" 《孟子》

        "Xun Zi (Hsun Tzu)“ 《荀子》

        "Chuang Tzu" 《庄子》

        "Poetry of the South" by Liu Xiang (Qu Yuan, Song Yu) 刘向(屈原、宋玉)《楚辞》

        "Confucian Analects" by Confucius' Students 孔子弟子《论语》

        "The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons ( Classical Book of Literary Criticism)" 《文心雕龙》


    3. Famous Chinese Literary Masterpieces Reading Online 中国文学名著在线阅读

        3.1 Classic Masterpieces 古典名著

            3.1.1 Group I (for reading and appreciation ) 第一组(供阅读欣赏)

                "A Dream of Red Mansion" by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹《红楼梦》

                "A Story of the Monkey" ("Journey to the West") by Wu Chengen 吴承恩《西游记》

                "The Romance of Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong 罗贯中《三国演义》

                "The Story of Water Margin" ("All Men Are Brothers" / "Outlaws of the Marsh" by Shi Nai'an 施耐庵《水浒传》

                "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" by Pu Songling 蒲松龄《聊斋志异》

                "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" by Pu Songling (in Modern Chinese) 蒲松龄《聊斋志异》(白话简写版)

                "Golden Lotus" ("The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks" by Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng 兰陵笑笑生 《金瓶梅》

                "Chin P'ing Mei (The Forbidden Sex Legend) 《金瓶梅》    

                "The Romance of the West Chamber" by Wang Shipu 王实甫《西厢记》

                "Peony Pavilion" by Tang Xianzu 汤显祖 《牡丹亭》

                "The Injustice to Doue" by Guan Hanqing 关汉卿《窦娥冤》

                "Creation of Gods (The First Myth" 《封神演义》

                "The Scholars" 《儒林外史》

                "Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties" by Chu Renhuo 褚人获《隋唐演义》

             3.1.2 Group II (for academic study) 第二组(供学术研究)

                "The Art of War" by Sun Wu (Original and Translation) 孙武《孙子兵法》(原文与译文)

                "Records of the Historian" 《史记》

                “Records of the Grand Historian" 司马迁《史记》

                "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" 《山海经》

                "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" Anonymous 佚名《山海经》

                "Sun-Tzu: The Art of Warfare" 《孙子兵法》

                "Lü's Commentaries of History" 《吕氏春秋》

                "Zuo's Commentaris of the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左传》

                "I Ching (The Book of Changes)" 《周易(易经)》

                "A New Account of the Tales of the World" 《世说新语》

                "A New Account of the Tales of the World" by Liu Yiqing 刘义庆《世说新语》

               "Du Shi Niang's Treasure Box" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《杜十娘怒沉百宝箱 》

                "Stories Enlightening the World" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《警世通言》

                “Illustrious Words to Illustrate the World" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《喻世明言》

                "History of the Late Han Dynasty" by Fan ye 范晔《后汉书》

                "Selection from LUS Commentaries of History" by Lv Buwei 吕不韦门客《吕氏春秋》

                "The Travels of Lao Can" by Liu E 刘鹗《老残游记》

                "History as a Mirror (A General Reflection for Political Administration)" by Si Maguang 司马光《资治通鉴》

                 ”Lasting Word to Awaken the World" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《醒世恒言》

                "Classic Book of Literary Criticism" by Liu Xie 刘勰《文心雕龙》

                "Mencius" by Meng Ke 孟轲《孟子》

                "Hsun-Tzu" by Hsun-Tzu 荀子《荀子》

                "Legend of Creation of the Gods" by Chen Zhonglin 陈仲琳《封神演义》(《封神榜》)

        3.2 Modern and Contemporary Literary Masterpieces 现当代文学名著

                "Fortress Besieged" by Qian Zhongshu 钱钟书《围城》

                "Love Trilogy: Fog, Rain, Electricity" by Ba Jin 巴金《爱情的三部曲:雾·雨·电》

                "Collected Masterpieces of Lin Yutang" (22 books) 《林语堂经典作品集》(共22本)

                 "Cellected Masterpieces of Shen Congwen" (12 books) 《沈从文文集》(套装共12册)

                "Collected Works of Cao Yu" 《曹禺全集》

                "Stories about Bai and Lu" by Chen Zhongshi 陈忠实《白鹿原》

                "Selected Novels by Yu Dafu, Lu Yin, Xiao Hong and Xu Dishan"《郁达夫、庐隐 、萧红、许地山小说集》

                "Collected Masterpieces by Lu Xun" (20 volumns) 鲁迅《鲁迅全集》(全20卷)

                "Recollection of 'Great Culture Revolution' by Zhang Xianliang, Bing Xin and others " 《张贤亮、冰心等作家的文革回忆 》

                "Mimosa" by Zhang Xianliang 张贤亮《绿化树》

                "Bring Your Smile Along" by Zhang Henshui 张恨水《啼笑因缘》

                 "Three Masterpieces of Jia Pingwa" (3 books) 贾平凹三部(套装共3册) 

                "Selected Masterpieces of Mo Yan" (5 books) 《莫言选集》(共5册)

                "Collected Works of Wang Shuo" 《王朔文集》

                "Selected Works of Jin Yong" 《金庸作品集》

                "Torrent Trilogy: Home, Spring, Autumn" by Ba Jin  巴金《激流三部曲:家春秋

                "Ba Jin's Anthology" (19 books) by Ba Jin 巴金《巴金文集》(共19本)

                "Ruination" by Ba Jin 巴金《灭亡》

                "Half a Man is Woman" by Zhang Xianliang 张贤亮《男人的一半是女人》

                “Dark Nights" by Zhang Henshui 张恨水《夜深沉》

                "The Story of a Noble Family" by Zhang Henshui 张恨水《金粉世家》

                "Rainy Nights in Bashan" by Zhang Henshui (Masterpiece about Anti-Japanese War by Zhang Henshui) 张恨水《巴山夜雨 》(张恨水抗战小说经典)

                "The Yellow Storm" by Lao She 老舍《四世同堂》

                "Lengend of Searching for Gods" by Gan Bao (with Colorful Pictures and Pinyin)干宝《搜神记》(彩图注音)

         4. 其它 Others

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