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Chinese Culture 中国文化



I. Martial Arts 武术

   1. Wushu (Kongfu) 武术(功夫)    2.Taiji 极                                 3. Swordplay 剑术                        4. Long Fist 长

II. Arts 艺术

    1. Peking Opera 京剧                     2. Paintings 绘画                            3. Paper Cutting 剪纸                     4. Caligraphy 书法

    5. Auchitecture 建筑                       6. Porcelain Artifacts 瓷器文物      7.  Costumes and Embroidery 服装与刺绣

    8. Furniture 家具                            9. Cuisine 饮食

III. Chess Play 棋类

IV. Philosophy, Thought, Religions 哲学、思想、宗教

    1. Taoism - China's Own Religion in China Proper 中国本土的宗教-道教                                                  2. Lao Tzu 老子

    3. About Confucianism 关于儒学    4. Mencius and "Mencius" 孟子和《孟子》                                            5. Chuangtze 庄子

V. History 历史

VI. Literature 文学     

    1. Historic Literature 历史性文献    2. Poetry 诗词

    3. Famous Chinese Literary Masterpieces Reading Online 中国文学名著在线阅读

VII. More about Chinese Culture 更多中国文化知识

VIII. eBooks 电子书


             (Music: Violin - I Love You, China 音乐:小提琴 - 我爱你,中国)     


I. Martial Arts 武术

   1. Wushu (Kongfu) 武术(功夫)

        Chinese Wushu 中国武术

        Martial Arts Group of Tianjin University of Technology 天津理工大学武术队

    2. Taiji 太极

        Taiji 24 24式太极

        Taiji 24 24式太极拳

        Taiji Sword 24 24式太极剑

    3. Swordplay 剑术

        Primary Swordsmanship I 初级剑术1

        Primary swordsmanship II 初级剑术2

    4. Long Fist 长拳

        Long Fist Level I 一路长拳

        Long Fist Level II 二路长拳

        Long Fist Level III 三路长拳

        Long Fist Level IV 四路长拳

II. Arts 艺术

    1. Peking Opera 京剧

        Cartoon Peking Opera 京剧卡通

        Face Masks of Peking Opera 京剧脸谱

        Why Peking Opera is called Chinese Quintessence? 京剧为什么是国粹?

        Face-masks Changing 变脸

        (For more Chinese opera programs, please find "Movie, TV Series, Opera" on this website. 欲观看更多中国剧节目,请关注本网站“影视剧”栏目)

    2. Paintings 绘画

        Introduction to Historic Famous Chinese Paintings on "My Chinese Courses Platform" “我的汉语课程平台”中的中国传世名画介绍

        Introduction to China Paintings 中国画介绍

        Yangliuqing New Year Woodcut 杨柳青木版年画

        Book Illustration 插图

        "Qingming Shanghe Tu" (Ascending the River at Qingming Festival), Painted by Zhang Zeduan (North Song Dynasty) (北)宋张泽端“清明上河图”

        What Were the More than 2000 People Doing in "Qingming Shanghe Tu" (Ascending the River at Qingming Festival)? “清明上河图”里2000多个人在干什么?

        18 Small Details Hidden in "Qingming Shanghe Tu"(Ascending the River at Qingming Festival) 隐藏在“清明上河图”里面的18个小细节

        10 Chinese Famous Paintings 中国十大名画

        Chinese Famous Paintings 中国名画

        Beauty Portraits in Ancient China 中国古代仕女画

        Hand-painted "Dream of Red Mansion" 手绘《红楼梦》

        Comic book of “Peony Pavilion” 连环画《牡丹亭》

        Pictures of Peony by Modern Painters 现代画家绘牡丹

        The Way to Appreciate Chinese Paintings 如何欣赏中国画

        "Figure - A Brief History of Chinese Landscape Parntings" 《图说-中国山水画简史》

    3. Paper Cutting 剪纸

        Paper-cutting 剪纸

        Classification of Chinese Paper Cutting with Chinese and English Brief Introduction 中国剪纸分类及中英简介

        Classification of Paper-cutting 剪纸归类

        Paper-cutting by Primary School Pupils 小学生剪纸

    4. Caligraphy 书法

        Kaligrafia Chińska 中国书法

        Pictures: Famous Chinese Caligraphy Works in History 组图:值得收藏的历代书法名人长卷

        Calligraphy Couplets by Wang Xizhi 王羲之的书法对联

        Chinese Calligraphy 中国书法空间

    5. Auchitecture 建筑

        Capital Cities in Ancient China 中国古都

        Different Ancient Chinese Buildings (Pavilion, Porch, Corridor, etc.) 中国古建筑知识(亭、台、楼、阁、轩、榭、廊、舫)

        Ancient Chinese Architecture 中国古建筑

        Ancient Chinese Architecture - Brick Sculpture Culture 中国古建筑 - 砖雕文化

        Roofs of Chinese Ancient Architecture 中国古建筑的屋顶

        All the Architectural Forms in the Palace Museum 故宫里所有建筑形式

        Traditional Chinese Courtyard House(Quadrangle) 中国传统四合院

        23 Ancient Towns with the most Chinese Flavor 最具中国味的23个古镇

        100 Grotto Temples in China 中国的100座石窟寺

        Top Ten Grottoes in China 中国十大石窟

        Historical Stories of 13 Great Wall Gates 长城13关历史故事

        Dunhuang on the Desert 大漠敦煌

        Chinese Silk Road: from Chang An to Rome 丝绸之路:从长安到罗马

       Mogao Grottoes Videos 走近莫高窟

        Entering Mysterious Dunhuang - "Mogao Grottoes" 走进神秘的敦煌”莫高窟“

    6. Porcelain Artifacts 瓷器文物

        Treasures of China 中国的宝物

        Tricolor-glazed Pottery of Tang Dynasty 唐三彩

        Blue and White Porcelain 青花瓷

        Song Dynasty Porcelain 宋瓷

        Museum Treasures of Some Major Museums in China 各大博物馆的馆藏之宝

        Connection between Blue and White Flowers from Yuan Dynasty and Islamic Culture 从造型纹饰阐述元青花与伊斯兰文化的联系

        Chinese Porcelain of High-priced Auction 高价拍卖的中国瓷器

        A Brief History of Chinese Incense Burner 中国香炉简史

    7.  Costumes and Embroidery 服装与刺绣

        Chinese Embroidery 中国刺绣

        Chinese Embroidery 2中国刺绣二

        About Traditional Chinese Costumes 汉服知识

    8. Furniture 家具

        Chinese Antique Furniture 中国古家具

    9. Cuisine 饮食

        Chinese Cuisine Styles 中国的菜系

        State Banquet in China 中国的国宴

III. Chess Play 棋类

        Instruction about GO 怎样下围棋

        The Origin of Go 围棋的起源

        How-to about China Chess 怎样下象棋

        Play China Chess 下象棋

        Play GO

        Mahjong 麻将

IV. Philosophy, Thought, Religions 哲学、思想、宗教

        The Content, System and Classification of Chinese Studies 国学的内容体系与分类

        Basic Bibliography for Simology Studies 国学基本书目

        Five Thousand Years' Chinese Civilization Started Here 五千年中华文明从这里开始

        Chinese Traditional Culture of 5000 years 中华5000年传统文化

        Religions in China Nowadays 中国的宗教现状

        Chinese Philosophy 中国哲学

        Reason and Truth: Internal Differences between Chinese and Western Philosophies 道理与真理:中西哲学的内在差异

        Tao in China and Truth in the West 中国的道与西方的真理

        The Similarities and Differences between Chinese and Western Explanations about Human Fate 中西方对人类命运解释的异同

        Ideological and Cultural Exchange and Mutual Influence after the End of the 16th Century between China and Europe 16世纪末以后中欧思想文化的交流互鉴及影响

        What Major Thought Forms Has Chinese Philosophy experienced? 中国哲学经历过哪几个主要思想形态?

        The Differences Between Buddhist Temple and Chinese Temple “寺”和“庙”的区别

    1. Taoism - China's Own Religion in China Proper 中国本土的宗教-道教

        Chinese Symbols in the Basic Doctrine of Taoism 道教基本教义中的中国符号

        "Taoist", China Featured Religious Sect “道家”, 独具中国本土特色的教派

        Taoists' Ideological Levels 道家的境界

        Influences of Taoists' Nature Philosophy on Chinese Culture 道家自然哲学对中国文化的影响

        Taoism and Traditional Culture 道教与传统文化

        Theories of Human Behaviors by Taoists, Cariees by Confucians, and Self-cultivation by Buddhists 道家做人儒家做事佛家修心

         "I Ching" (Book of Changes) in English 英语版《易经》

        “I Ching”-Book of Changes 《易经》

        "Tao Te Ching" with Two English Translations 《道德经》全文和两个版本英语翻译

        "Tao Te Ching" with Chinese Explanations Chapters 1-37 《道德经》1-37章注释中文版

        52 Idioms in "Tao Te Ching 《道德经》中的52个成语

        Finish Reading "Tao Te Ching" in 8 minutes 8分钟读完老子道德经

        Idioms from " I Ching" 《周易》成语

        The Relationship of “i Ching” with Chinese Traditional Culture 《周易》与中国传统文化的关系

    2. Lao Tzu 老子

        Catoon "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu 老子:《道德经》动画版全集  MP4

        "I Ching" with Modern Chinese Explanations 《周易·易经》全文及翻译

        English Version of Chapter One from "I CHING" 英文版易经之乾卦 - YouTube

        Catoon "The Peach Blossom Spring" 中国水墨《桃花源记》!- YouTube

    3. About Confucianism 关于儒学

        Contracts between Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism 儒(儒家)释(佛教)道(道教)文化比较

        Philosophical Foundation of Confucianism 儒家学说的哲学基础

        Famous Sayings by Confucius with Translation 孔子语录精华100句附释文

        "Analects of Confucius" Chapters 10-17 《论语》全文及解释10-17篇

        "The Doctrine of the Mean" with Explanations 《中庸》全文及解释

    4. Mencius and "Mencius" 孟子和《孟子》

        Mencius and His "Mencius" with Explanation 孟子和《孟子》全文及解析

        "Mencius" (in Chinese and English) 《孟子》 (中英文)

    5. Chuangtze 庄子

        Zhuangzhou Dreamt of Butterfly 周庄梦蝶

        Chuangtzu's Idiological Levels 庄子的境界

        "A Happy Excursion" by Chuangtze with Chinese Explanations and Two English Translations 庄子《逍遥游》全文和中文解释及两个英语翻译

V. History 历史

        100 Episodes Documentary Films of "China's History" by China Center TV (CCTV) 中国中央电视台100集纪录片《中国通史》

        100 Episodes Documentary Films of "China's History" by CCTV 中国CCTV100集电视记录片《中国通史》

        100 Episodes TV Documentary Films of "Ten Major Dynasties of China" 100集电视纪录片《中国十大王朝》

         Chinese History Learning 中国历史追学网

        Dynasties in Chinese History 中国历代朝代总表

        Chinese History and Word History 中国历史和世界历史对照

        Emperoes and Dynasties in Chinese History 中国历史上的皇帝和朝代评价表

        The Major Historical Events in China Between 1949 and 2008 1949--2008年间中国重大历史事件

        155 Rekown Culture Masters Persecuted to Death Durting the "Great Cultural Revolution" 文革中被迫害致死的155位著名文化大师级人物

VI. Literature 文学

    1. Historic Literature 历史性文献

        25 Famous Dictums from “Zi Zhi Tong Jian" (“History as a Mirror”) 《资治通鉴》25句至理名言

        Best Sentences in "Book of Rites" 《礼记》中的金句

        The Endless Treasures of the Ancient Book "Classic of History" 《尚书》的无尽之藏

        An Excerpt from Wang Yangming's “Chuanxi Lu” (Records of Teaching and Practicing) 王阳明《传习录》节选

        Seven-points Notes on Wang Yangming's "Chuanxi Lu" (Records of Teaching and Practicing) 七点大纲注解王阳明《传习录》

    2. Poetry 诗词

        "Poetic Immortals" in Ancient China 中国古代诗词界的“神仙”

        30 Peoms by Zhu Xi 朱熹诗词37首_诗词名句网

        Ancient Poems 古诗大全_诗词名句_文言文_诗词鉴赏-查字典诗词大全

        "The Book of Odes and Hymns" in Ancient Time 最美《诗经》远古的歌唱

        Tang Dynasty Poems 唐代古诗文网

        300 Tang Dynasty Poems in Chinese and English 唐诗三百首中英双语

        English Translation of 310 Song Dynasty Peoms 英譯宋詞三百首

        29 Peoms of Tang Dynasty Show Brief History of Tang Peoms 29首唐诗显示唐诗简史

        (For more Chinese poems, Please find "Teaching Materials" on this website. 欲查阅更多中国诗词,请关注本网站“教学材料”栏目)

    3. Famous Chinese Literary Masterpieces Reading Online 中国文学名著在线阅读

        3.1 Classic Masterpieces 古典名著

            3.1.1 Group I (famous masterpieces) 第一组(经典名著)

            "A Dream of Red Mansion" by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹《红楼梦》

            "A Story of the Monkey" ("Journey to the West") by Wu Chengen 吴承恩《西游记》

            "The Romance of Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong 罗贯中《三国演义》

            "The Story of Water Margin" ("All Men Are Brothers" / "Outlaws of the Marsh" by Shi Nai'an 施耐庵《水浒传》

            "Golden Lotus" ("The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks" by Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng 兰陵笑笑生 《金瓶梅》

            "The Romance of the West Chamber" by Wang Shipu 王实甫《西厢记》

            "Peony Pavilion" by Tang Xianzu 汤显祖 《牡丹亭》

            "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" by Pu Songling 蒲松龄《聊斋志异》

            "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" by Pu Songling (in Modern Chinese) 蒲松龄《聊斋志异》(白话简写版)

            "The Injustice to Doue" by Guan Hanqing 关汉卿《窦娥冤》

            "The Art of War" by Sun Wu (Original and Translation) 孙武《孙子兵法》(原文与译文)

            "Poetry of the South" by Liu Xiang (Qu Yuan, Song Yu) 刘向(屈原、宋玉)《楚辞》

            "Confucian Analects" by Confucius' Students 孔子弟子《论语》

            “Records of the Grand Historian" 司马迁《史记》

            "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" Anonymous 佚名《山海经》

            3.1.2 Group II (for academic study) 第二组(供学术研究)

            "A New Account of the Tales of the World" by Liu Yiqing 刘义庆《世说新语》

           "Du Shi Niang's Treasure Box" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《杜十娘怒沉百宝箱 》

            "Stories Enlightening the World" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《警世通言》

            “Illustrious Words to Illustrate the World" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《喻世明言》

            "Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties" by Chu Renhuo 褚人获《隋唐演义》

            "History of the Late Han Dynasty" by Fan ye 范晔《后汉书》

            "Selection from LUS Commentaries of History" by Lv Buwei 吕不韦门客《吕氏春秋》

            "The Travels of Lao Can" by Liu E 刘鹗《老残游记》

            "History as a Mirror (A General Reflection for Political Administration)" by Si Maguang 司马光《资治通鉴》

             ”Lasting Word to Awaken the World" by Feng Menglong 冯梦龙《醒世恒言》

            "Classic Book of Literary Criticism" by Liu Xie 刘勰《文心雕龙》

            "Mencius" by Meng Ke 孟轲《孟子》

            "Hsun-Tzu" by Hsun-Tzu 荀子《荀子》

            "Legend of Creation of the Gods" by Chen Zhonglin 陈仲琳《封神演义》(《封神榜》)

        3.2 Modern and Contemporary Literary Masterpieces 现当代文学名著

           "Torrent Trilogy: Home, Spring, Autumn" by Ba Jin  巴金《激流三部曲:家春秋

            "Ba Jin's Anthology" (19 books) by Ba Jin 巴金《巴金文集》(共19本)

            "Fortress Besieged" by Qian Zhongshu 钱钟书《围城》

            "Love Trilogy: Fog, Rain, Electricity" by Ba Jin 巴金《爱情的三部曲:雾·雨·电》

            "Ruination" by Ba Jin 巴金《灭亡》

            "Collected Masterpieces of Lin Yutang" (22 books) 《林语堂经典作品集》(共22本)

             "Cellected Masterpieces of Shen Congwen" (12 books) 《沈从文文集》(套装共12册)

            "Collected Works of Cao Yu" 《曹禺全集》

            "The Yellow Storm" by Lao She 老舍《四世同堂》

            "Lengend of Searching for Gods" by Gan Bao (with Colorful Pictures and Pinyin)干宝《搜神记》(彩图注音)

            "Stories about Bai and Lu" by Chen Zhongshi 陈忠实《白鹿原》

            "Selected Novels by Yu Dafu, Lu Yin, Xiao Hong and Xu Dishan"《郁达夫、庐隐 、萧红、许地山小说集》

            "Collected Masterpieces by Lu Xun" (20 volumns) 鲁迅《鲁迅全集》(全20卷)

            "Recollection of 'Great Culture Revolution' by Zhang Xianliang, Bing Xin and others " 《张贤亮、冰心等作家的文革回忆 》

            "Half a Man is Woman" by Zhang Xianliang 张贤亮《男人的一半是女人》

            "Mimosa" by Zhang Xianliang 张贤亮《绿化树》

            “Dark Nights" by Zhang Henshui 张恨水《夜深沉》

            "The Story of a Noble Family" by Zhang Henshui 张恨水《金粉世家》

            "Bring Your Smile Along" by Zhang Henshui 张恨水《啼笑因缘》

            "Rainy Nights in Bashan" by Zhang Henshui (Masterpiece about Anti-Japanese War by Zhang Henshui) 张恨水《巴山夜雨 》(张恨水抗战小说经典)

             "Three Masterpieces of Jia Pingwa" (3 books) 贾平凹三部(套装共3册) 

            "Selected Masterpieces of Mo Yan" (5 books) 《莫言选集》(共5册)

            "Collected Works of Wang Shuo" 《王朔文集》

            "Selected Works of Jin Yong" 《金庸作品集》

VII. More about Chinese Culture 更多中国文化知识

    Ten National Quintessences of China 中国十大国粹

    Ten National Quintessenes of China 中国十大国粹

    Herbata 茶

    Dragon 龙

    China Knot 中国结

    Pokrewieństwo 亲属关系

    Why Chinese People Are Called Han Nationality but not Chin Nationality 为什么中国人叫汉族而不叫秦族?

    Why did Konzi Get His English Name "Confucius" 为什么孔子英文名叫 Confucius 而不是 Kongzi?

    27 Questions Difficult to Answer 难以回答的27个问题

    Commen Knowledge about Chinese Cultural 中国文化常识

    Changes of Ancient Chinese Family Names 中国古代姓氏的变迁

    Origin of All the Chinese Families 中国家族起源

    How Ancient Chinese People Dressed Up 中国古代人怎么穿衣打扮

    Featured Dishes of 56 Nationalities of China 中国56个民族的特色菜     

    Origin of "She", "Scholarship", "Names of Ages" and "Names of Dishes" “她和伊”、“书香”、“年龄称呼”、“菜名”等的来历

    Southern Fujian Dialect and Southern Fujian Culture 闽南方言与闽南文化

    Once Chinese People had 45 Codes of Family Class When Born into 中国人曾有45个家庭出身代码

    Differences between Lunar Calendar, Solar Calendar and Agricultural Lunar Calendar 阴历、阳历和农历的区别

    Why Are Many Chinese Cities named after "States"? 为什么中国许多城市以“州”来命名?

    100 Questions about Chinese Culture by People's Daily 人民日报发布的中国文化知识100题

     Questions and Answers about Knowledge of China 关于国情知识的问答

     Questions and Answers about Chinese Language 关于中国语言的问答

     Questions and Answers about Chinese Culture 关于中国文化的问答

VIII. eBooks 电子书

    Chinese Text Project 中国电子书计划

    Chinese Philosophical eBooks Project (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese) 中国哲学书电子化计划(英文、简体中文、繁体中文)


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