I. Essential Textbooks 基础课本

    Language Practice Textbooks 语言实践课本

        Conversational Chinese 301 I 汉语会话301句上

        Answers to Conversational Chinese 301 I 汉语会话301句上练习答案

        CDs of Conversational Chinese 301 汉语会话301录音

        Basic Spoken Chinese I Published by Pekin University Press 初级汉语口语(上册)-北京大学出版社

        Boya Chinese Level I-1 by Beijing University Press 博雅汉语初级起步篇1 北京大学出版社

        Boya Chinese Level II-2 博雅汉语 初级起步篇 II_完整版

        Boya Chinese Level II-1 博雅汉语准中级加速篇1

        Boya Chinese Level II-2博雅汉语准中级加速篇2

        Boya Chinese- Review 1 博雅汉语单元小结三课件

        Boya Chinese Level III-1 博雅汉语++高级飞翔篇++1

        Boya Chinese Level III-2 博雅汉语++高级飞翔篇++2_

        Boya Chinese Level III-3 博雅汉语++高级++飞翔篇++3

        New Practical Chinese Textbook I 新实用汉语课本1

        New Practical Chinese Textbook II 新实用汉语课本2

        New Practical Chinese Textbook III 新实用汉语课本3

    Classic Chinese 古代汉语

        J.Yang Clasyczny Jezyk Chinski 自编古代汉语课本

        Ancient Chinese by Wang Li 古代漢語王力著 中華書局

        32 Key Functional Words in "Ancient Chinese" by Wang Ning 王宁《古代汉语》32个重点文言虚词

        Selected Ancient Chinese with Modern Chinese Translation by Guo Xiliang 郭锡良古代汉语文选译文

    Economy and Business Chinese 经贸汉语

        Company Chinese (Beijing University Version) 公司汉语 (北大版)

        Higher Vocational International Trade Practice 高职国际贸易实务

        International Trade ABC 国际贸易基础知识

        Lastest Economy & Trade Chinese Reading Textbook 最新经贸汉语阅读教程

        New Chinese Economy News Reading Textbook (Advanced 1) 新汉语经济新闻阅读教程(上)高级篇

        New Chinese Economy News Reading Textbook (Advanced 2) 新汉语经济新闻阅读教程(下)高级篇

        Quick Business Chinese Level I-1 新丝路初级速成商务汉语1

        Quick Business Chinese Level I-2 新丝路初级速成商务汉语2

        Quick Business Chinese Level II-1 新丝路中级速成商务汉语1

        Quick Business Chinese Level II-2 新丝路中级速成商务汉语2

        Quick Business Chinese Level III-1 新丝路高级速成商务汉语1

        Quick Business Chinese Level III-2 新丝路高级速成商务汉语2

    Profession Chinese 专业汉语

        Science & Technology Chinese Textbook by Beijing University Press 科技汉语中级阅读教程_北京大学出版社

        Speciality Chinese by Beijing University Press 预科专业汉语教程 综合简本_北京大学出版社

    Culture Teaching Textbooks 文化教学课本

        Chinese Culture 中国文化_北京语言文化大学出版社


II. More 更多

    Language Practice Textbooks 语言实践课本

        A Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners 外国人实用汉语语法

        Quick Chinese 800 汉语速成800句

        Listening to Mandarin (Basic) 自学听说普通话

        Listening to Mandarin (Basic) Audio Text 自学听说普通话拼音汉字录音文本

        Basic Fast Spoken Chinese I 汉语口语速成入门篇上

        Basic Fast Spoken Chinese II 汉语口语速成入门篇下

        Basic Fast Spoken Chinese III 汉语口语速成 提高篇

        PAVC Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 1 Students Book ( (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版1-學生課本(繁体)

        PAVC Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 1 Workbook (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版1-學生作业簿(繁体)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2 Students Book (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版2-學生课本(繁体)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2 Workbook (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版2-學生作业簿(繁体)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2--01 lesson (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版2-(繁体)(录音)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2--02 lesson (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版2(繁体)(录音)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2 Teachers-Manual (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版2-教師手册(繁体)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 3 Students Book (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版3-學生课本(繁体)

        Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 3 Workbook (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版3-學生作業簿(繁体)

        PAVC Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 4 Students Book (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版4-學生课本(繁体)

        PAVC Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 4 Workbook (Traditional Characters) 實用視聽華語新版4-學生作業簿(繁体)

        Contemporary Chinese I 当代中文课本1

        Contemporary Chinese II 当代中文课本2

        Contemporary Chinese III 当代中文课本3

        More Chinese Readings for Foreigners 对外汉语教学辅助阅读教材

        800 Words in Modern Chinese by Lv Shuxiang 吕叔湘现代汉语800词

        Modern Chinese Dictionary 现代汉语词典

    Culture Teaching Textbooks 文化教学课本

        Cultural Panorama Level II-1 文化全景++中级汉语教程++上

        Cultural Panorama Level II-2 文化全景++中级汉语教程++下

    Classic Chinese 古代汉语

        Ancient Chinese by Wang Ning 王宁古代汉语

        Ancient Chinese Dictionary 古代汉语词典

        Ancient Chinese Language Textbook 古代汉语知识教程

        Ancient Chinese Language 古代汉语知识教程

        Shortcut for Learning Ancient Chinese for High School Students 讀懂古文很簡單

        Exercises for Ancient Chinese 古代汉语习题集

    Business Chinese 商务汉语

        Business Chinese 900 商务汉语 900句


Everyday Chinese-Learning Chinese by Listning with Polish 每日汉语-用母语波兰语学习汉语


More Chinese Textbooks for Children 更多儿童汉语课本