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I. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese 简体字和繁体字

    Historical Evolution of Chinese Character "Motivation" and Debate about "Simplified or Complicated" by Yang Jianhua 杨建华:《中国文字"理据性"的历史演进及其简繁之争》

    "Character-based Standard" and Language Studies “字本位”和语言研究

    Motivation for Vocabulary Extension and the Contrast in Word-Formation between Russian and Chinese 词的理据性类型与俄汉对比

    Simplified Chinese Character and its Rationale 简化字和汉字的理据性

    Views on "Character-based Standard" 对“字本位”的看法

    Re-recognization of Modern Chinese Language 对现代汉语的再认识

    Form-meaning Cognitive Feeling of Words and Language Presentation of Poetry 文字的形义视觉认知感受与诗意的语言呈现

    Languages in the World and Chinese Language 世界上的语言和汉语语言

    The Strong Vitality of Chinese Characters 汉字的强大生命力缘自哪里

    The Current Meaning of Chinese Character Culture 汉字文化的当下意义

    Chinese Charaters and Chinese Culture 汉字与中国文化

    Loanwords in Chinese Language 汉语的外来词

    Changing Process of Chinese Characters 汉字的演变过程

    Changing Process of Chinese Characters I 汉字的演变过程 1

    Changing Process of Chinese Characters II 汉字的演变过程 2

    Changing Process of Chinese Characters III 汉字的演变过程 3

    Changing Process of Chinese Characters IV 汉字的演变过程 4

    History of Mandarin (Standard Chinese) -- from Dialect of a Small County 汉语普通话历史--来源于一个小县城的方言

    Why Ancient People Read and Wrote from Top to Bottom and from Right to Left 古人为什么阅读和书写从上到下、从左往右?


II. East and West Cultures 东西方文化

    The Similarities and Differences about Explanations of Human Fate between China and the West 中西方对人类命运解释的异同

    Comparison between Confucius and Aristotle in Concept of Happiness 孔子与亚里士多德幸福观比较

    Different Translation History and Translation Theories between China and West Countries 中西方不同的翻译历史及翻译理论

    Western Crime Culture, Japanese Shame Culture, and Chinese Tolerance Culture 西方罪文化日本耻文化中国忍文化


III. Chinese Learning and Teaching outside China 对外汉语教学

    Errors Caused by Intermediary Context in Chinese Learning and Teaching 汉语教学中中介语境引起的错误

    Zhuyin and Pinyin Revisited 從注音符號到漢語拼音


IV. Sino-US Relationship 中美关系

    Chinese Ambassador in WTO Answer back to America with two Rhetorical Questions 中国驻世贸组织大使用两个反问句怼回美国


V. Sino-Japan Relationship 中日关系

    Anerican Documentary: "The Truth of Diaoyu Islands" 美国记录片《钓鱼岛真相》