学下围棋喽(5)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(5)

                                                -- 基本技巧Basic Moves




学下围棋喽 (5)
  -- 基本技巧
Learn to Play Weiqi (GO) (5)
        -- Go Basic Moves

关键词学习 Key words to learn

围(wéi)棋(qí) weiqi/Go/baduk

下(xià)围(wéi)棋(qí) play Go

交(jiāo)叉(chā)点(diǎn) intersection

棋(qí)盘(pán) board

子(zǐ)/棋(qí)子(zǐ) stone

地(dì)盘(pán) territory

吃(chī) capture

提(tí)(子(zǐ)) take captured stones off the board

断(duàn) kiri/cut/break

扳(bān)/扳(bān)断(duàn) dane/wrench/pull off

扭(niǔ)/扭(niǔ)断(duàn) twist offoff

冲(chōnɡ) tsuki-dashi/push through


逼(bī) tsume/checking extension(force/drive)

碰(pènɡ)(靠(kào)) tsuke/an attachment(a contact play/next to)

压(yā)kake/oshi/pushing move



Hello everyone. Today let’s continue to learn Go basic moves. The more we have learned Go moves, the more fantastic and greater joy it will be!




3 围棋的基本技巧 Go Basic Moves

7)断 kiri/cut/break/cut off the connection


Stones will be disconnected by opponent when they are not connected.



Black 1 cuts off the connection of white stones.




Exercise: How white cuts off



练习答案 Answer to the exercise:




It can be seen that connection and cutting off will occur at the same intersection; when black plays a stone there, it is connection, and when white plays a stone there, it is cutting off.


8)扳/扳断 dane/wrench/pull off


When the black and white stones are lined side by side, play a stone on the opponent's end.



白1是扳 Whit 1 is dane.


这也是扳)It is also dane.


这个扳不好,因为会被白吃掉 It is not good dane, for it will be captured by white.


黑可以这样扳可以 Black may dane in this way.



9)扭/扭断 twist off


Black 1 and black 3 twist off the white stones



10) tsuki-dashi/push through


Break through the gap between the opponent's stones.






Black stones block the white stones’way out



12)逼 tsume/checking extension(force/drive)


Try to get as close as possible to the opponent’s stones, preparing for invasion.



13)碰(靠) tsuke/an attachment(a contact play/next to)


Play a stone just next to opponent’s stone.





14)kake/oshi/pushing move


Control the opponent's stones in a low area.





Our Go learning program is as follows. Please keep following closely, not to miss it!


As there is a lot to learn, we will first show you the contents of basic rules, basic moves and basic tactics, and later the contents of strategic overall layout and closing.

                                                        目录 Content

1 关于围棋 About Go

2 围棋的基本规则 Go Basic Rules

1) 游戏概念 game concept

2)围棋盘 Goban/board

3)拿子 hold and play a stone

4)气 liberty(way out/outlet)5)吃 capture

6)叫吃/打 atari(cheok/peep/threaten to take)

7)提/提子 take (stone)

8)反提 take back

9)眼 me/eye

10)禁着点 forbidden intersection

11)目 moyo/(enclosed) point


3 围棋的基本技巧 Go Basic Moves

1)粘/接(连) tsugi/connect

2)长 nobi/solid extend/stretch

3)尖 kosumi/diagonal move

4)跳 tobi/jump/leap

5)(小)飞 kogeima/knight’s move


Brief summary: nobi, kosumi, tobi, kogeina

6)拆 hiraki/extend

7)断 kiri/cut/break

8)扳/扳断 dane/wrench/pull off

9)扭/扭断 twist off

10)冲 tsuki-dashi/push through


12)逼 tsume/checking extension(force/drive)

13)碰(靠) tsuke/an attachment(a contact play/next to)

14)压kake/oshi/pushing move

15)活棋、死棋和做活 Life, death and make alive

16)双活seki/impasse/mutual life

17)打劫 ko/threat(atari else where to take here)

18)虎口 tiger’s mouth

19)虎 make a tiger’s mouth

20)双虎 make double tiger’s mouths

21)小飞挂角 kogeima at a corner

22)尖顶 nobi and block

23)夹 clip(block on both sides)

24)托 hold(support)

25)渡 ferry(cross)


4 围棋的基本战术 Go Basic Tactics

1)死亡线 Death line

2)逃跑 escape

3)断点 cutting point

4)双叫吃(双打)ryo-atari/double atari

5)门吃/关门吃 enclose and capture

6)抱吃 hug and capture

7)征子/征吃/扭羊头 shicho/ladder

8)引征 ladder breaker

9)枷吃geta/net/fence in

10)倒扑 utte-gaeshi/a snapback(plunge back)

11)接不归 connection failed

12)扑与接不归连用 uchikaki and connection failed in conjunction

13)不入气/不入子与金鸡独立 deadly liberty/lethal stone and on one foot

14)二路吃 Line 2 capture

15)对杀semeai (capture race)

16)大小判断 size judgment

17)棋筋和废子 suji/gotendon and scrapped stone


5 围棋的战略布局 Go Strategic Overall Layout

6 收官计数 Closing and Scoring



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