学下围棋喽(4)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(4)

                                  -- 基本技巧 Basic Moves




学下围棋喽 (4)  -- 基本规则Learn to Play Weiqi (GO) (4)        -- Go Basic Rules

关键词学习 Key words to learn

围(wéi)棋(qí) weiqi/Go/baduk

下(xià)围(wéi)棋(qí) play Go

交(jiāo)叉(chā)点(diǎn) intersection

棋(qí)盘(pán) board

子(zǐ)/棋(qí)子(zǐ) stone

地(dì)盘(pán) territory

吃(chī) capture

提(tí)(子(zǐ)) take captured stones off the board

黑(hēi)先(xiān)/黑(hēi)棋(qí)先(xiān)走(zǒu) black starts/black’s turn

白(bái)先(xiān) white’s turn

围(wéi) enclose/surround

气(qì) liberty(way out/outlet)眼(yǎn) me/eye

叫(jiào)吃(chī)/打(dǎ) atari(cheok/peep/threaten to take)

眼(yǎn) me/eye/trap

目(mù) moyo(points)

粘(nián)/接(jiē)(连(lián)) tsugi/connect

长(zhǎnɡ) nobi/solid extend/stretch

尖(jiān) kosumi/diagonal move

跳(tiào) tobi/jump/leap

飞(fēi) kogeima/knight’s move

拆(chāi) hiraki/extend


Hello everyone. We have learned Go basic rules. Today let’s start to learn Go basic moves. At this time we find that Go is indescribably Fantastic and great joy! 

3 围棋的基本技巧   Go Basic Moves

1)粘/接() tsugi/connect

使棋子在线上连接。Connect stones on the lines. 

A和黑1把两个黑子连起来成为一个整体。A and black 1connect two black stones.




Exercise: How to connect stones



练习答案 Answer to the exercise:


2) nobi/solid extend/stretch

   继续延伸 continue to stretchBlack 1 is nobi:






Nobi downwards or towards board side is also called standing: 

3)  kosumi/diagonal move

在棋子的斜线上下一子。Play a stone on the diagonal intersection.





4) tobi/leap (one-space jump)


A stone is placed at the intersection on the same line separated by one intersection, usually toward the center.




四颗白▲都是跳The four white▲ stones are all tobi(leap).



跳也用于逃跑:Tobi is also a way to escape:


5)(小) kogeima/knight’s move

下面是(小)飞 The following is kogeina:



下面是大飞:The following is two-space kogeina:


下面是象飞:The following is hazama tobi:


飞既可攻也可守。Tobi is the way of offense or defense.




小结:长,尖,跳,飞Brief summary: nobi, kosumi, tobi, kogeina


On the following figure, A: nobi; B:kosumi; C: tobi (one space tobi; F: two space tobi); D:  kogeina (E: hazama tobi;G: two-space kogeina; H: extra kogeina)



6)拆 hiraki/extend


Place a stone separated by one or more intersections on the third line from the side. Hiraki(extension) is the effective way to enlarge territory.




The stone separated by two intersections is called 2 space extension, by three intersections 3 space extension, by four 4 space extension. 


On the figure below, the two white■ stones and two black o stones are all 2 space extensions, white A and white B is 3 space extension, the two white is 4 space extension, but black D is to block white C 2 space extension upwards.




On the figure below, the two blacko stones is 2 space extension, the two black∆ stones is 3 space extension, and white▲ is also 3 space extension from the white stones below. (The two black stones is not extension but leap.)



(video) 围棋的气 Go liberty

(video) 怎样吃 The way to capture


怎样吃 The way to capture



Our Go learning program is as follows. Please keep following closely, not to miss it!


As there is a lot to learn, we will first show you the contents of basic rules, basic moves and basic tactics, and later the contents of strategic overall layout and closing.

目录 Content

1 关于围棋 About Go

2 围棋的基本规则 Go Basic Rules

1) 游戏概念 game concept

2)围棋盘 Goban/board

3)拿子 hold and play a stone

4)气 liberty(way out/outlet)5)吃 capture

6)叫吃/打 atari(cheok/peep/threaten to take)

7)提/提子 take (stone)

8)反提 take back

9)眼 me/eye

10)禁着点 forbidden intersection

11)目 moyo/(enclosed) point


3 围棋的基本技巧 Go Basic Moves

1)粘/接(连) tsugi/connect

2)长 nobi/solid extend/stretch

3)尖 kosumi/diagonal move

4)跳 tobi/jump/leap

5)(小)飞 kogeima/knight’s move


Brief summary: nobi, kosumi, tobi, kogeina

6)拆 hiraki/extend

7)断 kiri/cut/break

8) 扳/扳断 dane/wrench/pull off

9)扭/扭断 twist off

10)冲 tsuki-dashi/push through


12)逼 tsume/checking extension(force/drive)

13)碰(靠) tsuke/an attachment(a contact play/next to)

14)压kake/oshi/pushing move

15)活棋、死棋和做活 Life, death and make alive

16)双活seki/impasse/mutual life

17)打劫 ko/threat(atari else where to take here)

18)虎口 tiger’s mouth

19)虎 make a tiger’s mouth

20)双虎 make double tiger’s mouths

21)小飞挂角 kogeima at a corner

22)尖顶 nobi and block

23)夹 clip(block on both sides)

24)托 hold(support)

25)渡 ferry(cross)


4 围棋的基本战术 Go Basic Tactics

1)死亡线 Death line

2)逃跑 escape

3)断点 cutting point

4)双叫吃(双打)ryo-atari/double atari

5)门吃/关门吃 enclose and capture

6)抱吃 hug and capture

7)征子/征吃/扭羊头 shicho/ladder

8)引征 ladder breaker

9)枷吃geta/net/fence in

10)倒扑 utte-gaeshi/a snapback(plunge back)

11)接不归 connection failed

12)扑与接不归连用 uchikaki and connection failed in conjunction

13)不入气/不入子与金鸡独立 deadly liberty/lethal stone and on one foot

14)二路吃 Line 2 capture

15)对杀semeai (capture race)

16)大小判断 size judgment

17)棋筋和废子 suji/gotendon and scrapped stone


5 围棋的战略布局 Go Strategic Overall Layout

6 收官计数 Closing and Scoring




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