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采访李子柒 Interview with Li Ziqi


人们为什么喜欢李子柒  Why people like Li Ziqi



Li Ziqi is not only an internet celebrity, but also a great commercial success. Recently someone has estimated her annual income, which should be about 168 million yuan (168 million yuan)! Leaving aside whether the estimate is accurate or not, and leaving aside out of what kind of mentality and purpose they are so keen on making economic estimation for Li Ziqi, JYang still wants to say that Li Ziqi is undoubtedly a successful person and a positive energy for business success.  



Li Ziqi has become a successful person from a miserable orphan. What we need to do is to explore seriously her way of success and what made her success. It may be of great significance and enlightenment to the students and the young people who are eager to start a business and become rich.



Today, JYang will continue to explore the factors related to her success from the image of Li Ziqi herself and the image shown in her videos. After learning about Li Ziqi ’s life experience and the scenes in which she made her videos, it can be said that Li Ziqi in the real world is just Li Ziqi in the videos, while Li Ziqi in the videos is also Li Ziqi in the real world. She is not a movie star, she is herself, a girl worker from the mountains who loves life and loves traditional culture. The image shown in the videos is just herself. JYang holds that it would be better to listen more to what Li Ziqi talked about herself than all talk and no deed, which might give us some inspiration.


1. 视频展现的是一个朴实无华、热爱生活、热爱传统文化、热爱自然的形象

The videos show an image of simplicity, life-loving, loving for traditional culture nature.




She received no professional training, owning no acting skills, no stage props, no funds, no family and social background, and everything was self-made. She just tried to show the traditional culture and traditional lifestyle she loved with her hands in her own farmhouse in the hometown. Everything was hands-on, neither acting nor posing. Everything that people see and feel in the videos is so pure, simple, natural, and so moving.



Li Ziqi's grandfather was expert at cooking. Influenced in such family, Li Ziqi loved laboring work since her childhood, especially with a special interest in Chinese traditional diet culture. She laid solid foundation for her success in shooting such videos.


“其实这些都是我从小到大最熟悉不过的东西,一年四季,春耕秋收。到了哪个季节种什么粮食栽什么菜,吃什么果子干什么活!反而没有刻意策划今天拍什么明天拍什么,可能刚好到了什么节气,或者出去转一圈,发现什么花开了,什么菜可以吃了,就开始做拍摄的准备。 ”


Li Ziqi said:

"In fact, these are the things that I have been most familiar with since childhood, which mean ploughing and sowing in springs and harvesting in autumns. In which season and what crops will be planted, what fruits will be eaten, and what work will be done! Instead. I did not deliberately plan what to shoot today and what for tomorrow. Maybe it ’s just the time for solar term, or just I went out for a walk and found out what flowers were blooming and what dishes were ready to eat, and then I started preparing for the shooting. "





Li Ziqi also said:

"I do not dare to say I have created the life in some people’s  imagination. I just filmed my own life I wished."

"I feel that it is something of my own only when I made it all by myself."


2. 视频展现的是一个吃苦耐劳、坚毅、执着、敬业、勤奋的形象。

The videos show an image of industry, perseverance, persistence, dedication and diligence.



”每个人都是多面性的,很难用一两个形容词把它固定下来。我自己都不知道自己是个什么样的人。如果非要说三个的话,可能是:固执、神经病、能吃苦。 “

Li Ziqi said:

"Everyone is multi-faceted, and it is hard to express it with one or two adjectives. I even don't know what kind of person I am. If I have to say in three words, they might be stubborn, nervous and suffering. "





When Li Ziqi just bought a SLR camera, she tried to know the functions of the buttons with the help of the instructions. With only a rotating screen and a tripod at 120 yuan, she actually completed the pre-shooting, and did video editing on a mobile phone with only 16G of memory.



“拍废的面团我奶奶做成馕吃了半个月,每天都是各种汤泡馕,导致现在看着馕都觉得很饱。 ”

"I was alone. I had to take the shot, wash my hands, adjust my tripod, take a good shot and take another shot all by myself. Exact time was badly required for making beef noodle. Very often the dough became useless after the lens was adjusted."

"My grandma made the useless dough ravioli and ate ravioli for half a month. Every day there were various soups and ravioli. As a result, I will feel very full when I look at ravioli even now."




In order to take care of the only closest grandma, she decided to quit the job in the city where she worked and returned to her hometown. She also opened a Taobao shop to support her living. Later, she closed it owing to lack of energy because she had to film short videos.


”反正我自己吃了那么多苦,拍出来的视频也不会有人相信(是一个人单独拍的),倒不如真找个摄影师来帮我拍,至少我不用再那么累了。 “


Later, she did ask a photographer for help. She said,

"Anyway, I have suffered so much, and no one will believe the video I took (all by myself). I would rather ask a photographer to help me, in this way at least I do n’t need to be so tired anymore. . "




And later on, she also formed a three-person team in video production, that is, she and the photographer, and a young assistant. Her video filming is further developing.




Li Ziqi said:

"At least I didn't have to run back and forth to press the keys. Before that, after shooting the videos, I even had to clean the venue myself, and now I have an assistant to help me do it."


The videos show an image of optimism, openness, and aconveyer of traditional and culture


It is undeniable that in a remote mountain, Li Ziqi films videos in order to make a living, to take better care of grandma, and to improve the life. There is nothing wrong with this. However, in the videos she shot, the audience did not see any commercial indications of immediate success and blockbuster. Instead, the audience only experienced rich and colorful traditional Chinese culture.



 Li Ziqi said that she "knows exactly what she wants." Therefore, to this day Li Ziqi still refuses commercial advertisements that can make huge profits, and in this way she is very different from the current video bloggers’ monetization, and she is really very alien. As for whether she will do commercial cooperation in the future, Li Ziqi said:


”对我来说现阶段就是把视频拍好,也不用说什么创始人不创始人的,我只是喜欢做这件事,所以会全力以赴去做。 “


"Recently for me, I need to shoot the videos well, without having to say  whether I am the founder or not. I just like to do it, so I will go all out."



Li Ziqi did have her own company later, and she signed a contract with Hangzhou MCN Institute "Weinian Technology". This is still understandable. It just verifies her success in entrepreneurship and success from one level to a higher level. However, she chose to cooperate with MCN in Hangzhou due to the fact that only MCN understood her and was willing to give her more time to develop healthily, and they agreed to reject tens of millions yuan for advertising revenue but switched to doing more meaningful things.


“现在已经有很多中华老字号、非物质文化遗产等传统文化相关的找我合作,我也在考虑将商业模式建立在这些有意义的事情上,比如做一个年轻人喜欢的带有传统文化色彩的品牌。 ’


Not long ago, Li Ziqi said like this:

"Now there are many old traditional Chinese firms and intangible cultural heritages related to traditional cultures came to me for cooperation. I am also considering establishing my business model on basis of these meaningful things, such as a some traditional culture brand which young people like. '


Finally, JYang still wants to say that in this way, it is not surprising that Li Ziqi's videos are universally loved and sought after by people. After all, no matter how fast the society develops and no matter how different the cultures are, human love for life and the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty will never stop.



JYang will continue our talks about this topic from different angles. Please keep following.



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