Uploader Grandpa Amu, Internet celebrities


木桥 Wooden bridge


鲁班锁 Lu Ban lock


水车 Waterwheel


词语学习 Words to learn
暑(shǔ)假(jià) summer vacation

播(bō)放(fànɡ) play

亿(yì) 100 million

阿(ā)婆(pó)主(zhǔ) uploader

潮(cháo)流(liú) trend/tide

不(bù)合(hé)潮(cháo)流(liú)(落(luò)伍(wǔ)) out (of fashion/style)

上(shànɡ)传(chuán) upload

直(zhí)播(bō) live broadcast

专(zhuān)栏(lán) special column (on internet/magazine)

触(chù)网(wǎnɡ) touch the net

圈(quān)粉(fěn) attract fans

网(wǎnɡ)红(hónɡ) internet celebrity

木(mù)匠(jiànɡ) carpenter

地(dì)地(dì)道(dào)道(dào)/地(dì)道(dào)/真(zhēn)正(zhènɡ)的(de) authentic/ genuine

手(shǒu)艺(yì) craft

工(ɡōnɡ)匠(jiànɡ) artisan/craftsman

建(jiàn)筑(zhù) building/architecture

榫(sǔn)卯(mǎo) mortise and tenon (slot and tab forming a carpenter's joint)

工(ɡōnɡ)艺(yì) craftsmanship/technology

结(jié)构(ɡòu) sructure

凹(āo) concave

凸(tū) convex/protrude

金(jīn)属(shǔ) metal

胶(jiāo)水(shuǐ) glue

螺(luó)丝(sī) screws

钉(dīnɡ)子(zǐ) nail




Hello, everyone! Now our course is over and our summer vacation starts. Today, let’s meet an uploader who’s  videos are played nearly 200 million times. His network name is Grandpa Amu, and his network channel name is "Gongshidao".



阿婆主一词最早来源于日语 アップぬし,即Up主(Up=アップロード,音译为阿婆),意思是上传文件到网站的人,文件可以是视频,可以是音频,也可以是直播、专栏等。

Have you ever heard of the word "uploader"? If you haven’t heard of it, you are out (of fashion/style) !

The term uploader was originally derived from Japanese word アアププぬし, which means Up (up=アププロード, transliterated as uploader according pronunciation), meaning the persons who upload files to websites. The file can be video, audio, live broadcast, special column, etc. .






Grandpa Amu is a video uploader. Grandpa Amu’s name is Wang Dewen, and his hometown is Liaocheng, Shandong province, aged 63, now living with his son in Wuzhou, Guangxi. It is just because of his son he began to "touch the net" and "attract fans" and unexpectedly became an internet celebrity. But he said, "I am just an ordinary farmer and I can do some carpentry work."

阿木爷爷一辈子生活在农村,是个地地道道的农民。13岁的时候向村里的木匠学习木工,成为一个”有手艺“的农民”工匠“。不过,他说:”我的技术再好 如果不拿出来给别人 那就等于零“,所以他很乐意做视频,希望更多的人了解中国古代传统的建筑技术。

Grandpa Amu has lived in the countryside all his life and is an authentic farmer. At the age of 13, he learned carpentry from a carpenter in the village and became a peasant "craftsman” with craftsmanship. However, he said: "No matter how good my skills are, it will be zero if I don't show them to others", so he is happy to make videos, hoping that more people will understand the ancient traditional Chinese architectural technology.







Over the past three years, Grandpa Amu’s numerous videos have shown the tenon and mortise technology of Chinese woodworking, which completely relies on the wood tenon and mortise structure, and connect the components by the combination of concave and convex parts without any metal, glue, screws and nails.


Grandpa Amu said: "You must love what you are doing and be interested in it, but interest does not mean only happiness with no pain." It is quite true.





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