新型冠状病毒(续二) Novel Coronavirus (continued II)



   Coronavirus transmission routes, symptoms and effective prevention



                                         Scientific prevention 

时政汉语-新型冠状病毒(续二)- 个人防护

Current Affairs Chinese 

Novel Coronavirus (continued II)

- personal protection


一.1月31日0 - 24时,中国确诊新型冠状病毒病例11,791例,新增确诊病例2102例,死亡病例259例,治愈出院病例243例,共有疑似病例17,988例。


From 00:00 - 24:00, Jan. 31, 11,791 cases of novel coronavirus were confirmed in China with 2102 newly confirmed cases. So far 259 died, and 243 were cured and discharged, and there are still 17,988 suspected cases.



  JYang would like to say a few words to all the students and friends who are learning Chinese

1. 现在是防治新型冠状病毒的关键时刻,但是我们需要知道现在更重要的是“防”,因为现在还是病毒严重扩散的时期,每天都有那么多的新增确诊患者,我们一定要搞好个人防护,阻断接触感染;


Now it is the crucial time for the prevention and treatment of novel coronaviruses, but we need to know that it is more important to "prevent" now, due to the fact that it is still a period of severe spread of the virus and there are so many newly diagnosed patients every day. So personal protection and blocking contact infections is badly needed;


2. 如果最近你到过中国武汉(以及湖北省),或者接触过从武汉(以及湖北省)出来的人(不仅是中国人),或者与接触过湖北省的人有过接触,请一定主动进行个人隔离观察至少14天至20天,如果发现低烧、咳嗽等情况立刻到医院检测;


If you have been to Wuhan, China (and Hubei Province) recently, or have contacted people (not only Chinese people) from Wuhan (and Hubei Province), or have contacted people who had contacted people from Hubei Province, please volunteerly conduct personal isolation and observation for at least 14 to 20 days. If you find low fever, cough, etc., see a doctor for testing immediately;


3. 病毒传播以飞沫和直接接触为主,所以阻断接触感染最最重要的两件事情是口罩和洗手。需要戴口罩的时候一定要戴符合规定的N95口罩,当然一人独处时不需要戴口罩;


Virus transmission is mainly caused by droplets and direct contact, so what is most important for stopping contact infection are masks and hand washing. When needed, you must wear a N95 mask that meets the requirements. Of course, you don't need to wear a mask when you are alone;


4. 因为现在口罩很紧张,首先要保证医务人员有足够的口罩。尽量将医用口罩留给需要的医生,我们尽量使用N95口罩。还有学会科学使用口罩和洗手。戴口罩前后也一定要用肥皂洗手,不给病毒传播任何机会;


Now the number of masks very limited, so first of all, make sure that the medical staff have enough masks. Try to leave the medical masks to the doctors who need them. We’d better use the N95 mask. Also we should learn to use masks and wash your hands in the scientific way. Always wash your hands with soap before and after wearing masks to prevent any chance of transmission of the virus;


5. 咳嗽打喷嚏时不可以用手捂口鼻,而是要使用纸巾或衣袖遮住口鼻;


When coughing or sneezing, do not cover your mouth and nose with your hands, but use paper towels or sleeves to cover your mouth and nose;


6. 经常为室内通风,每天至少三次,每次至少半小时;


Ventilate the room frequently, at least three times a day for at least half an hour each time;


7. 使用有效的杀毒剂如酒精等进行消毒;


Use effective antiseptics such as alcohol for disinfection;


8. 如果发生低热、干咳、乏力、鼻塞、流涕、腹泻等症状,情况严重时需要及时就诊;


If you have symptoms such as low fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, diarrhea, etc., you need to see a doctor in time if the symptom become serious;


9. 虽然现在疫情仍很严重,但也不必过于紧张焦虑,尽量不要到人多的公众场合,做好个人防护;


Although the epidemic is still very serious, you don't have to be too nervous and panic; you’d better not go to public places with a lot of people and try to do your personal protection;


10. 在这个防治病毒传播的关键时刻,千万不要轻信和散布没有根据、不明渠道的信息、谣言和防治方法。


At this critical juncture in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, do not trust and disseminate information, rumors, and prevention methods on unfounded basis and through unknown channels.



                                   Six steps to wear masks



“Novel Coronavirus” 

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新型冠状病毒 Novel Coronavirus

新型冠状病毒(续) Novel Coronavirus (continued)



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