COVID19 -Hard-earned experiences


Zhong Nanshan and Dr. Anita Simmons, President-elect of European Respiratory Society, are sharing their experiences through video.


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武汉:封城人生2020 Wuhan: Life under lockdown 

                            时政汉语-新冠病毒-(续三十二) -来之不易的经验

                    Current Affairs Chinese - Novel Coronavirus (continued XXXII)

                    -Hard-earned experiences

你的国家疫情严重吗?你的国家是这样做的吗?如果你希望你的国家也这样做, 就请告诉你的国家这些经验吧。希望新冠病毒在全世界所有的国家尽快得到控制。

Is the epidemic serious in your country? Does your country do in the same way? If you want your country to do the same, please tell your country such experiences. It is hoped that the covid-19 will be controlled as soon as possible in all countries around the world.

一. 中国最新疫情防控情况

The latest on COVid-22 control and prevention in China.

截至3月25日14:40时(北京时)  As of 14:40, Mar. 25 (Beijing Time)



Cases in China

(Hubei included)



Cases in Hubei

(Wuhan included)


Total COVid-19 cases confirmed






Existing confirmed cases










Cured and discharged cases





Existing suspected cases




(In parentheses are new increased or decreased cases compared with the previous day)


The latest spread of the novel coronavirus in the world as of March 25.


Confirmed cases



累计 Total cases



三. 词语学习 Words to learn

来lái之zhī不bù易yì hard-earned hard-won

失shī去qù控kònɡ制zhì(失shī控kònɡ) out of control

当dānɡ务wù之zhī急jí top priority/pressing matter of the moment

阶jiē段duàn stage

惊jīnɡ人rén surprising/amazing

基jī本běn basic/essential

代dài价jià cost

干ɡān预yù intervention/intervene

严yán厉lì severe

重zhònɡ症zhènɡ severe cases

佩pèi戴dài(口kǒu罩zhào) wear (a mask)

素sù质zhì  quality

著zhù称chēnɡ famous/well known

风fēnɡ景jǐnɡ线xiàn landscape/scenery line/scenic horizon

功ɡōnɡ不bù可kě没méi contributed/crucial contribution/credited

诊zhěn所suǒ clinic


全球抗疫 Fighting Civid-19 worldwide



 Today, let's talk about the hard-won anti-epidemic experiences.



We know that the extremely vicious Covid-19 first spread in China, and has now China has achieved staged success; South Korea and Japan are also the severe epidemic areas. The epidemic development there is amazing and it is now basically under control. Singapore has always well controlled the development of the epidemic. The valuable experience of these countries can be said to be hard-earned and acquired at an unimaginable cost.



However, it is worrying that the epidemic in Europe and the United States is now out of control.

In such a severe situation, it is urgent at the moment for all countries to work together and share the anti-epidemic experiences.


武汉解封 Lifting the lockdown of the city Wuhan

1. 中国的经验可以用下面的词语来说明:

China's experience can be expressed with the following words:

1) 启动联防联控机制,坚持早发现、早报告、早隔离、早诊治,并将隔离措施落实到所有社区;

 Launch joint prevention and control mechanism, adhere to early detection, early reporting, early quarantine, early diagnosis and treatment, and impose quatantine measures to all communities;

2) 强力干预,即国家采取最迅捷最严厉的管控措施包括集中隔离、封城等;

 Powerful intervention, that is, the country's fastest and most stringent control measures such as concentrated quarantine, lockdown of cities, etc.;

3) 快速检测,即及时开发快速IgM(免疫球蛋白M)检测试纸作为核酸检测的补充手段,以及恒温扩增芯片以帮助区分新冠肺炎病毒、甲型流感病毒和乙型流感病毒;

Rapid detection, that is, the timely development of rapid IgM (immunoglobulin M) testing strips as a supplementary means for nucleic acid detection, and constant temperature amplification chips to help distinguish between novel pneumonia coronavirus, influenza A virus and influenza B virus;

4) 高效治疗:对将近150项针对新冠肺炎的临床药物进行试验,而且中西医结合发挥了空前的效果。同时轻重病症分层治疗,轻症建立方舱医院,能收尽收防止早期扩散,重症采用各种先进仪器包括氢氧气雾化机、体外膜氧合(人工心肺)等。

Efficient treatment: Nearly 150 clinical drugs for covid-19 pneumonia have been tested, and the integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine has achieved unprecedented results. At the same time, stratify treatments of serious and severe cases, build temporary shelter hospitals for light cases, collect all that can be collected to prevent early spread, and utilize various advanced instruments including hydrogen and oxygen atomizers, ECMO(extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation) etc.,  for severe cases.



2. 韩国的经验可以用下面的词语来说明:

Korean experiences can be expressed with the following words:


Try to be quick and early: South Korea relies on scientific research for the quickest and most extensive testing, with a daily testing capacity of 15,000 people and testing time of only 6 hours. It only takes 10 minutes to test in the way of “drving in”;


Wearing a mask: Almost everyone in the streets of Seoul now wears a mask. This is not only to prevent healthy people from being infected, but more importantly to prevent patients in the incubation period from infecting others. After all, patients in the incubation period are asymptomatic, and only healthy people wearing masks cannot prevent the spread of the viruses.


3. 日本最重要的经验可以用下面的词语来说明:

Japan's most important experience can be expressed by the following words:


National quality: The critical moment of the epidemic fully reflected the national quality and high self-discipline spirit of the Japanese nation, and the whole nation unanimously and comprehensively implemented a series of effective measures;


Mask habit: Japan is famous for the people who love wearing masks most. People call the masks in Japan as a unique "street line". Masks can effectively prevent the droplet transmission of the novel coranaviruses. It can be said that Japan quickly controlled the epidemic, and masks contributed.

4. 新加坡的经验用下面的词语来说明:

Singapore's experience is illustrated by the following words:


Severe punishment: to ensure that the epidemic is always under control;


Clinic resources: Singapore has effectively mobilized private clinics, enabling Singapore to have as many as over 800 outpatient clinics for testing the fevered people, effectively solving the problem of medical resources.


你的国家疫情严重吗?你的国家是这样做的吗?如果你希望你的国家也这样做, 就请告诉你的国家这些经验吧。希望新冠病毒在全世界所有的国家尽快得到控制。

Is the epidemic serious in your country? Does your country do in the same way? If you want your country to do the same, please tell your country such experiences. It is hoped that the covid-19 will be controlled as soon as

possible in all countries around the world.




Infectious Diseases Hospitals and Hospitals with infectious diseases department

一. 华沙Warszawa

1. 马佐夫舍省传染病医院

Wojewódzki Szpital Zakaźny w Warszawie

地址add.:ul. Wolska 37, 01-201 Warszawa

电话tel.: (22) 33 55 351-355

电话预约Call for reservation 22 33 55 351-355

网上预约Reservation online:https://erejestracja.zakazny.pl


2. 华沙传染病医院

Poradnia chorób zakaźnych

地址:Wolska 37, 01-201 Warszawa

电话预约:(22) 33 55 235; (22) 33 55 332 (周一到周五,8-15点)




3. 华沙内务与行政部医院

Centralny Szpital Kliniczny MSWiA w Warszawie

地址:ul. Wołoska 137

电话预约:261 817 220、728 431 304



4. 军事医学研究所

Wojskowy Instytut Medyczny

地址:ul. Szaserów 128

电话预约:261 817 220、728 431 304






Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny nr 1 w Lublinie

  地址:ul. Stanisława Staszica 16,20-081 Lublin

传染科电话Infection department:81 53 49 414(7:30-15:05),

值班医生、护士电话Doctors and nurses on duty:

81 53 49440,81 53 49 412



1. 雅盖隆大学医院

Szpital Uniwersytecki wKrakowie

地址:ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 36,31-501 Kraków

电话:12 424 70 00


2. 克拉科夫约翰保罗二世专科医院

Krakowski Szpital Specjalistycznyim. Jana Pawła II

地址:ul. Prądnicka 80,31-202 Kraków

电话:12 614 20 00




Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny we Wrocławiu

地址:51-149 Wrocław, ul. Koszarowa 5

电话:71/ 326-13-27 转 31




Samodzielny Publiczny Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony w Szczecinie

地址:ul. Arkońska 4, 71-455 Szczecin

电话:91 813 90 00




Wojewódzki Szpital Obserwacyjno-Zakaźny w Bydgoszczy

地址:ul. Świętego Floriana 12,85-030 Bydgoszcz

电话:52 325-56-00




Szpital Wojewódzki w Opolu

地址:ul. Augustyna Kośnego 53, 46-020 Opole

电话:77 443 31 00




Pomorskie Centrum Chorób Zakaźnych i Gruźlicy

地址:ul. Smoluchowskiego 18, 80-214 Gdańsk

电话:58 341 40 41




Szpital Morski im.PCK

地址:ul. Powstania Styczniowego 1, 81-519 Gdynia

电话:22 480 08 00





Uniwersytecki SzpitalKliniczny w Białymstoku

地址ul. M. C.Skłodowskiej 24a, 15-276 Białystok

    ul. Żurawia 14, 15-276 Białystok


波兰医疗急救电话Medical emergency phone No.:0048-999;

救护车服务Ambulance service:0048-112;

华沙市传染病院电话Warsaw Infectious Diseases Hospital:0048-22-3355261,3355265,3355330(医生Doctor);

波兰内务部医院电话Hospital of Home Office:0048-22-5081510;

华沙市警察总局值班电话Telephone of General Police Station:0048-22-6210251。

中国驻波使馆领事保护与协助电话Telephone for consular support and assistance of Chinese Embassy 0048-506957563;

中国驻革但斯克总领馆领事保护与协助电话Telephone for consular support and assistance of Chinese Consulate General in Gdansk 0048-515290066。


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