Pandemic: Time to “cut one's own wrist”



词语学习 Words to learn

  1. 壮(zhuànɡ)士(shì)断(duàn)腕(wàn) 

          (a vigorous strong man)cut one's own wrist to save one's body/

          When the warrior's wrist was bitten by a viper, he was immediately amputated to prevent the poison from spreading throughout the body. This idiom is a metaphor meaning acting decisively without hesitation in a dangerous situation. Although he lost a hand, he saved his life.
make a prompt and resolute decision

    2. 长(zhǎnɡ)痛(tònɡ)不(bù)如(rú)短(duǎn)痛(tònɡ) 

        The long suffering is inferior to the short pain/
        Better a little loss than a long sorrow/
        Better a short pain than a long lingering/
        Take the pain earlier/
        Better bad now than worse later.

    3. 令(lìnɡ)人(rén)担(dān)忧(yōu) 

        a real cause for concern

    4. 波(bō)(浪(lànɡ)) wave

    5. 高(ɡāo)峰(fēnɡ) peak/height

    6. 病毒学家 virologist

    7. 忧(yōu)心(xīn)忡(chōnɡ)忡(chōnɡ) worried a lot

    8. 危(wēi)言(yán)耸(sǒnɡ)听(tīnɡ) alarmism/


    9. 危(wēi)机(jī) crisis

    10. 不(bù)可(kě)预(yù)测(cè) unpredictable

    11. 泥(ní)潭(tán) quagmire

    12. 十(shí)字(zì)路(lù)口(kǒu) crossroads

    13. 令(lìnɡ)人(rén)欣(xīn)慰(wèi)的(de)是(shì) 

           it is comforting that/
           It is gratifying that

    14. 不(bù)切(qiè)实(shí)际(jì) unrealistic/impractical

    15. 令(lìnɡ)人(rén)痛(tònɡ)心(xīn)不(bù)已(yǐ) distressing/


    16. 不(bù)惜(xī)任(rèn)何(hé)代(dài)价(jià) at any cost




 Hello everyone! Last time we talked about the novel coronavirus on my public account "COVID-19 (XLI)-Small leak will sink great ship on August 25. At that time, JYang said with concern: "Four months have passed, and now it is heartbreaking to see that the epidemic is still ongoing in some countries, deteriorating. " 


Unexpectedly, another month has passed, and the situation is now even worse than during the peak in March, and this is a real cause for concern. The epidemic in many countries has not passed, but they are facing crazy attacks from the second wave of the epidemic or the second peak of the epidemic. 


For months, virologists have been worryingly discussing the issue about the second wave or the second peak of the epidemic, as the bitter historical lessons still around the corner.


100 years ago the Spanish flu claimed the lives of 20-50 million people. The second wave of that pandemic was worse than the first. The "first wave" of the epidemic spread from the United States to Europe in May 1918, and the "second wave" of the epidemic hit around August, with the highest deaths between October and November. And between waves, the virus has mutated. 


The current novel coronavirus is also in a similar situation. This is not alarmist. 


This crisis is not behind us. The greater crisis is unpredictable. And don’t turn a crisis into a tragedy. 


The current situation is that the epidemic in some country has gone, while some countries are heading into the quagmire of the epidemic, but Europe is at a critical crossroads: fight by cutting the wrist to completely defeat the epidemic, or...? 

令人欣慰的是,近日欧洲很多国家包括波兰陆续颁布了更为严格的紧急防疫限制措施。 It is gratifying that many European countries, Poland included, have recently enacted stricter emergency epidemic prevention restrictions


欧洲疫情报告Report coronavirus cases in Europe


杨老师个人认为,长痛不如短痛,站在这个疫情发展的十字路口,壮士断腕是必要的, 以阻止新的一波危险的新冠病毒感染,防止病毒的扩散,再次失控。 

JYang personally maintains the idea that long-term suffering is worse than short-term pain. Standing at the crossroads of the development of the epidemic, it is necessary to fight in the way of cutting wrist decisively to halt a dangerous new wave of novel coronavirus infections and head off a return to uncontrolled spread. 


At this critical crossroads Let’s give up the unrealistic idea of “taking off the masks and fighting for freedom (zdejmij maske, marsz o wolnosc)", and with the utmost perseverance, courage and spirit of sacrifice defeat completely the COVID-19 at any cost.



European countries enact strict restrictions after a second wave of coronavirus




Coronavirus second wave hits Europe


                                                                 未完待续 To be continued


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