COVID-19 (XLI)-Small leak will sink great ship



Current Affairs Chinese - Novel Coronavirus (XLI)A small leak will sink a great ship.

一.敲黑板:小漏沉大船- Knock at blackboard:A small leak will sink a great ship. 


Hello everyone! Since April, we haven’t discussed COVID-19 epidemic for a long time. Four months later, now China has already returned to be normal, while epidemic situation in some other countries has been deteriorating, which is very distressing. 


 In addition, some other countries controlled the epidemic situation very well at first, but unfortunately, omission and laxity led to the emergence of a serious epidemic outbreak. The best example is Victoria state, Australia, just as what Chinese idioms say:“the embankment of a thousand miles,ulcer in the colony”, “fall short”, or “go to blazes”.


Well, let’s take a look at what actually happened in Victoria, Australia today. We must know what is the cause that the epidemic was never brought under controll, and we must prevent this from happening again. 

悲剧起源于澳大利亚维多利亚州墨尔本斯万斯顿的罗杰斯酒店。 The tragedy originated in the Rogers Hotel on Swanston Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The virus escaped Melbourne's Rydges on Swanston hotel (pictured) after a family of four was moved there

1. 事情的过程 The course of the event 


People returning from overseas have been accommodated in the Rydges on Swanston hotel by the state government for mandatory 14 day coronavirus isolation.

- 5月9日-一家四口从海外返回澳大利亚,开始进行强制性酒店检疫。这一天第一个家庭成员出现症状。
- 5月10日 第二个家庭成员出现症状。
- 5月11日 第三个家庭成员出现症状。
- 5月12日 第四个家庭成员出现症状。
- 5月14日 前两个家庭成员对COVID-19呈阳性反应。
- 5月15日 一家人转移到斯万斯顿的罗杰斯酒店。
- 5月17日至18日-其他家庭成员对COVID-19呈阳性反应。
- 5月25日 斯万斯顿罗杰斯酒店的三名员工出现了症状。随后,他们对COVID-19测试呈阳性。
- 5月26日至6月18日 17个人在流行病学上与罗杰斯疫情有关联,他们或在酒店工作,或为家庭成员或与酒店工作人员有社交关系。还有一名罗杰斯酒店人员的家庭成员在昆士兰州被诊断为COVID-19。
- 5月30日-卫生与公共服务部接受了有关爆发的首次基因组分析,并得出结论,所有病例均属于同一传播网络。

- 该州目前的死亡人数已达数百人,确诊活跃病例达到24,000例。
- 维州州长安德鲁斯宣布,大墨尔本地区从8月2日晚进入四级封锁“灾难”状态,持续至9月13日午夜结束,又于8月24日宣布拟通过修改法律延长该州紧急状态12个月。

- May 9 - Family of four return to Australia from overseas and begin mandatory hotel quarantine. First family member becomes symptomatic on the same day.
- May 10 - Second family member becomes symptomatic.
- May 11 - Third family member becomes symptomatic.
- May 12 - Fourth family member becomes symptomatic.
- May 14 - First two family members test positive to COVID-19.
- May 15 - Family moved to the Rydges on Swanston Hotel.
- May 17 to 18 - Other family members test positive to COVID-19.
- May 25 - Three members of staff at Rydges on Swanston Hotel become symptomatic. They subsequently test positive to COVID-19.
- May 26 to June 18 - A total of 17 people are epidemiologically linked to the Rydges outbreak, and were either working in the hotel or household members or social contacts of staff at the hotel. An additional case, a household contact of a staff member at the Rydges hotel, is diagnosed with COVID-19 in Queensland.
- May 30 - Department of Health and Human Services receives first genomic analysis relating to the outbreak and comes to the conclusion all cases belonged to the same transmission network.

- The state's death toll now stands at hundreds, with almost 24,000 cases active.

-Victoria Governor Andrews announced that Greater Melbourne is in “disaster state” for a level 4 lockdown from the evening of August 2 and lasted until midnight on September 13. He then announced on August 24 that the state of emergency would be extended for 12 months by amending the law.


The Rydges on Swanston hotel, whose night manager was "patient zero" in the coronavirus outbreak. JUSTIN MCMANUS


二. 发生了什么? What happened?


It is reported that guests are demanding to be moved from the “putrid” quarantine hotel in Melbourne, with reports of mass bed bug infestations in the hotel rooms. A guest was moved on Monday after waking to find a swarm of bed bugs in her bed.



A woman took a photo of her bedding at the hotel with bed bugs and blood stains. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied



Hysterical guests on the so-called “crazy floor” of a Swanston St quarantine hotel were screaming, crying and banging on walls, overwhelming poorly trained guards who may have let coronavirus escape into the community. 


Especially, distressed children of that four member family 'spreading human waste' on walls led to fateful walk through hotel hallways. As we know, We know, COVID-19 is very contagious and can also be spread through human feces.



In this way, Victoria state was caught in the disaster of the COVID-19 outbreak.




敲(qiāo)黑(hēi)板(bǎn) knock at blackboard/attention

恶(è)化(huà) deteriorate/worsen

令(lìnɡ)人(rén)痛(tònɡ)心(xīn) distressing

疏(shū)漏(lòu) omission

松(sōnɡ)懈(xiè)/松(sōnɡ)弛(chí) laxity/slack

重(chónɡ)演(yǎn)(再(zài)次(cì)发(fā)生(shēnɡ)) happen again

小(xiǎo)漏(lòu)沉(chén)大(dà)船(chuán) A small leak will sink a great ship.


The embankment of a thousand miles,ulcer in the colony (collapsed in an ant's nest)

毁(huǐ)于(yú)一(yì)旦(dàn) go to Blazes

功(ɡōnɡ)亏(kuī)一(yí)篑(kuì) fall short

悲(bēi)剧(jù) tragedy

起(qǐ)源(yuán) originate


                                         未完待续 To be continued


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