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                                        I. 教学栏 Teaching & Learning Bar

课堂辅导 Our Class

 杨老师开学寄语 JYang's advice on your courses

《中级速成商务汉语 II 》 Intermediate Intensive Business Chinese II

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(一)Our Course"Business Chinese"(I)    (第一课 参观工厂 Lesson 1 Visit a Factory)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(二)Our Course"Business Chinese"(II)  (第二课 我们开始开会 Lesson 2 Our meeting begins now)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(三)Our Course"Business Chinese"(III)   (第三课 我对你们的新产品很感兴趣 Lesson 3 I am intereted in your new products)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(四)Our Course"Business Chinese"(IV)   (第四课 贵公司的报价是多少 Lesson 4 What is your company's quotation)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(五)Our Course"Business Chinese"(V)   (第五课 什么时候能交货 Lesson 5 When will it be delivered)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(六)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VI)   (第六课 你们采用什么付款方式 Lesson 6 What is your regular payment?)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(七)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VII)    (第七课 你们打算怎么包装 Lesson 7 What Is Your Plan for Packing)

波兰十大乳品生产商和出口商 Top 10 Polish dairy producers and exporters   第八课 Lesson 8

        波兰十大乳品生产商和出口商 Top 10 Polish dairy producers and exporters PDF

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(八)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VII)    (  第九课 我们什么时候签合同 Lesson 9  When Shall We Sign the Contract


《高级速成商务汉语 II 》 Advanced Intensive Business Chinese II

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(八)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VIII)   (第一课 开业大吉--企业注册及企业介绍 Lesson 1 great opportunity to start business -- enterprise registration and introduction)

“商务汉语课堂辅导(九) Our Course "Business Chinese (IX)   (第二课 芝麻开门 -- 银行利率及投资、贷款 Lesson 2 Open treasure trove -- Bank interest rate and investment & load)

“商务汉语课堂辅导(十) Our Course "Business Chinese (X)   (第四课 伯乐与千里马 -招聘、应聘 Lesson 4 Bole and Qianlima --Recruitment & application for jobs)

“商务汉语课堂辅导(十一) Our Course "usiness Chinese (XI)   (第五课 福利、待遇 Lesson 5 Welfare and Treatment)


《新汉语经济新闻阅读教程 》(高级上) "New Chinese Economic News Reading Textbook" (Advanced I)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(一)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(I)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(二)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(II)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(三)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(III)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(四)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(IV)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(五)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(V)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(六)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(VI)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(七)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(VII)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(八)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(VIII)

"经济阅读课堂辅导(九) Our Course"Economy Text Reading" (IX)

"经济阅读课堂辅导(十) Our Course"Economy Text Reading" (X)

"经济阅读课堂辅导(十一) Our Course"Economy Text Reading" (XI)


基本句型 Basic Sentence Paterns

    初学者基本句型(一) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (I)

    初学者基本句型(二) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (II)

    初学者基本句型(三) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (III)

    初学者基本句型(四) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (IV)

    初学者基本句型(五) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (V)

    初学者基本句型(六) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (VI)

    初学者基本句型(七) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (VII)

    初学者基本句型(八) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (VIII)

    初学者基本句型(九) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (IX)


专业汉语 Special Chinese

    财经汉语(一)投资配额取消Finance and Economy (I)Quota limits abandoned

    财经汉语(二)北京大兴机场Finance & Economy (II) Beijing Daxing Airport

    财经汉语(三)大兴机场(续)Finance & Economy (III) Daxing Airport (Added)


    医学汉语(一)癌症治疗 Medical Chinese (I) Cancer Treatment

    医学汉语(二) 肺癌 Medical Chinese (II) Lung Cancer

    医学汉语(三)基因检测Medical Chinese(III)Genetic Testing

    医学汉语(四) 癌症疗法Medical Chinese (IV) Cancer Therapies

    医学汉语(五) 卵巢癌治疗Medical Chinese(V)Ovarian cancer treatment

    医学汉语(六) 小细胞肺癌 Medical Chinese (VI) Small Cell Lung Cancer

    抑郁症,一个沉重的话题 Depression Disorder, a Heavy Topic


时政汉语 Current Affairs Chinese

    时政汉语(二)"愤怒的环保公主(Chinese for Current Affairs(II)"Angry Prinyicess"

    时政汉语(三)六头大象互救时丧生CurrentAffairs Six elephants died saving others

    "荷兰"改名啦 "Holland" to be dropped

    新型冠状病毒 Novel Coronavirus

   新型冠状病毒(续) Novel Coronavirus (continued)

   新型冠状病毒(续二) 个人防护 Novel Coronavirus (continued II) personal protection

   新型冠状病毒(续三) 个人防护 Novel Coronavirus (continued III) Personal protection

   新型冠状病毒(续四) 白衣天使 Novel Coronavirus (continued IV) Angels in white

   新型冠状病毒(续五) 我们一起度过这次难关 Novel Coronavirus (continued V) Let's get through this difficulty

   新型冠状病毒(续六) 消毒 Novel Coronavirus (continued VI) Disinfection/Sterilization

   新型冠状病毒(续七) Novel Coronavirus (continued VII)

   新型冠状病毒(续八) 人体是怎样抗击病毒的 Novel Coronavirus (continued VIII) The way how human body fights viruses

   新型冠状病毒(续九) 在华同学和朋友们使用的查询工具 Novel Coronavirus (continued IX) Query tools for students and friends in China

   新型冠状病毒(续十) 信心,理解,尊重 Novel Coronavirus (continued X) Confidence, Understanding, Respect

   新型冠状病毒(续十一) 武汉加油!中国加油!Novel Coronavirus (continued XI) Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!

   新型冠状病毒(续十二)加油,武汉!加油,中国! Novel Coronavirus (continued XII) Come on, Wuhan! Jiayou, China!

   新型冠状病毒(续十三)中国加油!加油,世界!Novel Coronavirus (continued XIII) Jiayou, China! Come on, the world!

   新型冠状病毒(续十四)大武汉,挺住!Novel Coronavirus (continued XIV) Great Wuhan, stay strong!

   新型冠状病毒(续十五) 湖北,挺住!Novel Coronavirus (continued XV) Stay strong, Hubei!

   新型冠状病毒(续十六) 加油,日本! Novel Coronavirus (continued XVI) Stay strong, Japan!

   新型冠状病毒(续十七) 熊猫为你加油 Novel Coronavirus (continued XVII) Panda cheers for you

   新型冠状病毒(续十八) 零号病人 Novel Coronavirus (continued XVIII) Patient Zero

   新冠病毒-中西医结合Novel Coronavirus -Traditional and Western Medicine

   新型冠状病毒(续二十) 全球疫情 1 Novel Coronavirus (continued XX) Epidemic in the world I

   新型冠状病毒(续二十一) 全球疫情 2 Novel Coronavirus (continued XXI) Epidemic in the world II

   新冠病毒 全球疫情 Novel Coronavirus Epidemic in the world

   新冠病毒 人类的反省 Novel Coronavirus Human's introspect

   新冠病毒-人类与动物 Novel Coronavirus Mankind and animals

   新冠病毒-一个人与一座城 Novel Coronavirus One person and one city

   新冠病毒-恐慌? Novel Coronavirus Panic?

   新冠病毒-个人防护 Novel Coronavirus Personal Protection

   新冠病毒-武汉封城历程 Novel Coronavirus Lockdown Experience in Wuhan

  新冠病毒-三类抗疫模式 Novel Coronavirus -3 Styles of Fighting Epidemic

  新冠病毒-疫苗、特效药、免疫力  COVID19 -Vaccines, specific drugs, immunity

  新冠病毒-神秘的中医 COVID19 -Mysterious Traditional Chinese Medicine

  新冠病毒-来之不易的经验 COVID19 -Hard-earned experiences

  新冠病毒-世界加油! COVID19 -Stay strong, the world!

  波兰加油!Stay strong, Poland! Solidarni z Polską!

   我是口罩I am a face mask

   "在一起"献给全世界"Together" Dedicated to the world

   疫苗-人类的期盼 Vaccine-the hope of humanity

   关于新冠病毒溯源 About the origin of COVID-19

   阻止病毒传播靠口罩 Stop viruses from spreading by masks

   冠状病毒带来新的问候方式COVID-19 brings new greetings

   柳叶刀新冠病毒消息COVID-19 news from LANCET

  新冠病毒-敲黑板:小漏沉大船(四十一) COVID-19-Knock at blackboard:A small leak will sink a great ship (XLI)

  疫情:该”壮士断腕”了Pandemic: Time to “cut one's own wrist”

  全球疫情:新近动态汇总 Global epidemic: Collection of the latest news

  关于新冠病毒的最新突变 About the newest Covid-19 Mutation

  回顾新冠疫情诡异的大事记Review of weird events of COVID-19 epidemic

  不可不知的最新疫苗情况 Updates on vaccines you must know

  关于令全球恐慌的“奥密克戎”  About "Omicron" that Scares the World

  世卫组织:新冠疫情最新情况 WHO: COVID-19 Epidemiological Updates


   世界上最大的蛇 The biggest snake in the world

   区块链/数字货币/央行数字货币 Blockchain/DIGICCY/DCEP

   中国制造与条形码 Made in China and Barcode

  12句话的牛奶课程 A 12-sentence milk course

  驴象之争-选举人团制度 Donkey vs Elephant -Electoral College system

  神秘的IPv4和IPv6关系你我他 Mysterious IPv4 and IPv6 about us all

  数字人民币 Digital RMB (E-CNY)

  灭绝的动物,好可怜! Such Poor Extinct Animals!

  植物工厂,好厉害!Plant factory, so wonderful!

  圣诞新年祝贺语推荐 Christmas & New Year greeting words recommended

  迎冬奥,学语言 Await Winter Olympics, Learn Languages


                                             II. 文化栏 Culture Bar

中国知识 About China

    中国-波兰友好省市China-Polska Sister Cities & Provinces

    在中国买火车票Buy Train Tickets in China

    西藏拉萨布达拉宫Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

    云南大理 Dali, Yunnan

    台北故宮(一) 青铜器、玉器和珍玩 Taipei Palace Museum (I) Bronzes, jade, curios

    台北故宮(二) 绘画、书法、书籍、文献 Taipei Palace Museum (II) paintings, calligraphy, literature, books

    你知道这些中国地名及其翻译吗?Do you know these Chinese place names?

    中国名城(一) 古都 Famous Chinese cities (I) Ancient capitals

    中国名城(二) 67个名城 Famous Chinese cities (II) 67 famous cities

    中国名城(三)更多23个名城 Famous Chinese cities (III) 23 more famous cities

    登顶珠穆朗玛峰 To summit of Mt Qomolangma

    世界地名汉译揭秘 Mysterious Chinese Translation of Toponym

     箭扣长城 Great Wall Jiankou

    宝岛台湾 Taiwan, treasure island

    游故宫探秘中南海(上) Visit the Forbidden City and mysterious Zhongnanhai I

    游故宫探秘中南海(下) Visit the Forbidden City and mysterious Zhongnanhai II

    转:视界 | 美媒拍摄“洪水也冲不走”的古建筑 海外网友啧啧称奇  share an article about ancient Chinese buildings

    认识中餐(一) Learn About Chinese Food(I)

     认识传统中餐(二) Learn About Chinese Food(II)

     我的爱人 My Wife (Lover)


     卡通片:三个和尚 Cartoon: Three Monks

     敦煌壁画故事《九色鹿》Nine-Colored Deer

     动画片 《神笔马良》 Cartoon: Ma Liang

     动画片《卡通片黑猫警长1-3 》 Cartoon Black Cat Sheriff(Mr Black)I-III

     动画片《卡通片黑猫警长4-6 》 Cartoon Black Cat Sheriff(Mr Black)IV-VI

     葫芦兄弟 Calabash Brothers

     哪吒闹海 Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King

     镜花缘1-2 Flowers in the Mirror I-II

     名著卡通《镜花缘3-4 Cartoon Masterpiece "Flowers in the Mirror" III-IV

     宝莲灯 Lotus Lantern

     崂山道士 A Taoist in Mt.Laoshan


     中国象棋(1)-基本规则 Xiangqi/Chinese Chess(1)-Basic Rules

     中国象棋(2)-开局 Xiangqi/Chinese Chess(II)-Opening

     中国象棋(3)-中局 Xiangqi/Chinese Chess(III)-Mid Game

     中国象棋(4)-残局 Xiangqi/Chinese Chess(IV)-End Game

     中国象棋(5)-实战视频(1) Xiangqi/Chinese Chess(V)-Actual Game Videos (1)

     中国象棋(6)-实战视频(1I)Xiangqi/Chinese Chess(VI)-Actual Game Videos(1I)

     中国象棋7-绝杀(上)Chinese Chess/Xiangqi VII-Checkmate Tactics(I)

     中国象棋8-绝杀(下)Chinese Chess/Xiangqi VII-Checkmate Tactics(II)


    学下围棋喽 (1) Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)-- 过这村就没这店啦Now or Never(1)

    学下围棋喽(2)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(2)-- 基本规则Basic Rules

    学下围棋喽(3)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(3)-- 基本规则Basic Rules

    学下围棋喽(4)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(4)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

    学下围棋喽(5)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(5)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

    学下围棋喽(6)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(6)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

    学下围棋喽(7)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(7)-- 基本技巧Basic Moves

    学下围棋喽(8)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(8)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

    学下围棋喽(9)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(9)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

    学下围棋喽(10)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(10)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics

    学下围棋喽(11)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(10)-- 基本战术Basic Tactics   

    学下围棋(12)Learn to Play Go(Weiqi)(12)-- 战略布局Strategic Overall Layout


    李子柒(一) Li Ziqi (I)

    李子柒(二) Li Ziqi (II)

    李子柒(三) Li Ziqi (III)

    李子柒(四) Li Ziqi (IV)

    李子柒(五) Li Ziqi (V)

    李子柒(六) Li Ziqi (VI)

    李子柒(七) Li Ziqi (VII)


    龙的传人/后代/继承人 Descendant/Offspring/Heir of Dragon

    竹编工匠成为国际网红 Bamboo Craftsman Became an International Celebrity

    “数九天”和24节气 “Nine-day Periods" and 24 Solar Terms

     百余幅杨柳青木版年画精品! Over 100 best Yangliuqing woodcut works!

    网红阿婆主阿木爷爷 Uploader Grandpa Amu, Internet celebrities

    美食大V滇西小哥 Cuisine Big V Dianxi Xiaoge

    怎样成为国际超级网红 Access to an international super influencer

    国际超级网红讲述创建网络频道 International super Big V: Create an internet channel


武术太极 Martial Arts (Wushu) & Taiji

    24式太极拳24-style Taijiquan

    32式太极拳32-style Taijiquan

    初级剑术Primary Swordcraft

    一路和二路长拳Routines I & II Changquan

    三路长拳 Routine III

    太极剑Taiji Sword


成语故事 Idioms and Stories

    成语(一)"塞翁失马"Idom(I) "Saiweng Lost His Horse"

    成语(二)"刻舟求剑"Idiom(II) "Mark the Boat for Sword"

    成语(三)"朝三暮四" Idiom(III) "Change One's Mind Frequently"

    成语(四)"邯郸学步" Idiom(IV) "Learn to Walk in Handan"

    成语(五)"东施效颦"Idom(V) Blind Imitation with Ludicrous Effection

    成语(六)更多 Idioms(VI) More


形象表达 Vivid Expressions

    汉语形象表达(一)Chinese Vivid Expressions(I)

    汉语形象表达(二)Chinese Vivid Expressions(II)

    汉语形象表达(三)Chinese Vivid Expressions(III)

    汉语形象表达(四)Chinese Vivid Expressions(IV)

    汉语形象表达(五)Chinese Vivid Expressions(V)

    汉语形象表达(六)Chinese Vivid Expressions(VI)

    汉语形象表达(七)Chinese Vivid Expressions(VII)

    汉语形象表达(八)Chinese Vivid Expressions(VIII)

    汉语形象表达(九)Chinese Vivid Expressions(IX)

    汉语形象表达(十)Chinese Vivid Expressions(X)

    汉语形象表达(十一)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XI)

    汉语形象表达(十二)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XII)

    汉语形象表达(十三)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XIII)

    汉语形象表达(十四)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XIV)

    汉语形象表达(十五)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XV)

    汉语形象表达(十六)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XVI)

    汉语形象表达(十七)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XVII)


诗词歌曲 Poems and Songs

    李白诗"静夜思"A Poem "Longing at mid-night" by Li Bai

    诗词(一)王之涣"登鹳雀楼"Poems(I) "Ascending Guanque Tower" by Wang Zhihuan

    诗词(二)苏轼“水调歌头”Poems(II)Su Shi - Lyrics tothe First Water Melody

    李白诗“黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵”A Poem "A Farewell Song" by Li Bai

    李白诗"赠汪伦" A Peom "To Wang Lun" by Li Bai

    李白诗"黄鹤楼"A Poem "A Farewell Song" by Li Bai



    王维诗"渭城曲"A Poem "A Song at Weicheng" by Wang Wei


歌曲让我们荡起双桨Let's Sway Twin Oars

歌曲甜蜜蜜 As Sweet as Honey

歌曲月亮代表我的心The Moon Represents My Heart

歌曲姑娘我爱你Song "I Love You Girl"

歌曲"青藏高原“ A Song "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau"

歌曲”好一朵美丽的茉莉花“ A Song"What a Beautiful Jasmin"

最新流行歌曲”说好不哭“ The latest pop song "Won't Cry"

    最新流行歌曲”说好不哭“ The latest pop song "Won't Cry" MP4

歌曲"一条大河"A Song "A Wide River"

歌曲"我和我的祖国"A Song "My Motherland and Me"

歌曲“同一首歌”A Song "The Same Song"

周杰伦新歌Mojito Jay Chou Mojito

波兰小伙演唱“成都”“Chengdu” by Polish young man

火爆的“雪花飘飘”Popular“Xue Hua Piao Piao”

歌曲《可可托海的牧羊人》A Song “The Shepherds of Coco Tuohai”

"明天会更好"这首歌又火啦The Song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" Is Popular Again

歌曲背后的神秘故事(1)-《送别》Mysterious Stories Behind Songs(1) - "Farewell"

•••  歌曲背后的神秘故事3-一个真实的故事 Mysterious Stories Behind Songs 3-A True Story

•••  歌曲背后的神秘故事4 最后的莫西干人 Mysterious Stories Behind Songs 4 The last of the Mohicans

••• "珠穆朗玛",很治愈的一首歌 "Qomolangma", a Healing Song

••• 很治愈的一首歌"冬天里的一把火" A Healing Song "Sexy Music"

••• 这个古装爱情仙侠连续剧,太治愈了!So Healing a Costume Love Fairy Drama Series!

••• 在中国流传最广的三首"红歌" Three Most Popular "Red Songs" in China

•••  流传最久的爱情故事及其歌曲,猜猜看The Oldest Love Story and Its Song.Try to Guess

•••  翻唱歌曲A Covered Song:《路灯下的小姑娘》--"Brother Louie"

••• 一首很特别的经典情歌 A Special Classic Love Song


                                             III. 信息栏 Information Bar>

关于   About this public account

汉语知识 About Chinese Language

    象形文字卡通片Cartoon about Hieroglyphics

    汉字笔顺知识 About Character Stroke Order

    儿化音Rhotic Accent

    汉语简繁字的背后(一) Behind simplified and traditional characters(I)

    汉语简繁字的背后(二) Behind simplified and traditional characters(II)

    汉语简繁字的背后(三) Behind simplified and traditional characters(III)

    汉语简繁字的背后(四) Behind simplified and traditional characters(IV)

    汉语简繁字的背后(五) Behind simplified and traditional characters(V)

    汉语简繁字的背后(六) Behind simplified and traditional characters(VI)

    从汉语到十大语系 Od Chinese do 10 Leading Language Families

    与汉语有关的手势语Gestures Related to Chinese

    关于姓名翻译 About Personal Name Translation

    正确使用二”和“两”Use "二(two)" and "两(two)" Correctly

    注音与拼音 Zhuyin and Pinyin

     汉语,中文,汉学??Mandarin, Chinese, or Sinology??


HSK 水平考试

    好消息:HSK模拟考试平台 Good News: HSK Mock Test Platform

    汉语水平考试(一)HSK(I)    (HSK1-2 级词汇MP4)

     汉语水平考试(二)HSK(I))   (HSK3级词汇MP4)

     汉语水平考试(三)HSK(III)  (HSK4级词汇MP4 -1/3)

     汉语水平考试(四)HSK(IV)   (HSK4级词汇MP4 -2,3/3)


     汉语水平考试(六)HSK(VI)  (HSK5级词汇MP4 -1,2,3/4 及4级阅读)

     汉语水平考试(七)HSK(VII)        (HSK5级词汇MP4 -4/4 ; 6级词汇MP4 - 1,2/4)

     汉语水平考试(八)HSK(VIII)   (SK6级词汇MP4 - 3.4.5/5)




     转载HSK4真题HSK4 Level 4

       大连外国语大学 Dalian Foreign Studies University

      上海复旦大学 Fudan University, Shanghai

      山东烟台鲁东大学 Ludong University in Yantai, Shandong

      西北师范大学 Northwest Normal University


    初学者量词(一) Measure Words for Beginners(I)

    初学者量词(二) Measure Words for Beginners(II)

    初学者量词(三) Measure Words for Beginners(III)

    初学者量词(四) Measure Words for Beginners(IV)

   初学者量词(五) Measure Words for Beginners(V)

    初学者量词(六) Measure Words for Beginners(VI)

    初学者量词(七) Measure Words for Beginners(VII)

    初学者量词(八) Measure Words for Beginners(VIII)

    初学者量词(九) Measure Words for Beginners(IX)


缩略词 Abrevations

    英语缩略语中文译名(一)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(I)

    英语缩略语中文译名(二)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(II)

    英语缩略语中文译名(三)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(III)

    英语缩略语中文译名(四)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(IV)

    英语缩略语中文译名(五)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(V)


轻松聊天 Free Talk

     2022圣诞新年祝贺语2022Christmas & New Year Greeting Words

    推理智力题Logic Puzzles

    聊聊爱 We Chat about "Love"

   11.11是什么节日What Day Is 11.11

   绕口令1 Tongue Twisters 1

   圣诞节快乐Merry Christmas

   圣诞新年祝贺语推荐 Christmas & New Year greeting words recommended

   酒 Alcohol/Wine

   新年快乐 Happy New Year

   老杨祝你元旦快乐!Lao Yang wishes you a happy New Year's Day!

   12句话的牛奶课程 A 12-sentence milk course

   聊聊无人机 Talk about drone

   聊聊物联网 Talk about Internet of Things

   聊聊客对厂 Talk about C2M

    人造肉,悄然现身你我身边 Artificial Meat Emerging Around Us Quietly

    一入琥珀深似海 Touching Amber leads to an unknown world like sea

    留学生学费一瞥 A Glimpse of Tuition Fees for International Students

    联合国中文日 Chinese Language Day at the United Nations

    “马克思主义、萌萌哒、大妈、嗲“ ”Marxism, MMD, Dama, Dia”

    一年一度的"11.11节"即将到来啦!The Annual "11.11 Day" is approaching! 11.11 -2021.11

    我们一起做台湾健康操哦! Let's Do Taiwan Fitness Exercises Together!

    五月真的是第5个月吗?Is May Really the 5th Month?

    我们看到黑洞啦! We See the Black Hole!

    可以折返的折纸飞机 Origami Aircraft Able to Turn Back

    歌曲背后的神秘故事1-送别 Mysterious Stories Behind Songs 3-Farewell

    歌曲背后的神秘故事2-两只老虎 Mysterious Stories Behind Songs 2-Two Tigers

    歌曲背后的神秘故事3-一个真实的故事 Mysterious Stories Behind Songs 3-A True Story

    歌曲背后的神秘故事4 最后的莫西干人 Mysterious Stories Behind Songs 4 The last of the Mohicans

    歌曲背后的神秘故事5-吉祥三宝 Stories Behind Songs 5Three Auspicious Treasures

    你的手机卡顿吗? Is Your Phone Laggy?


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