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                                        I. 教学栏 Teaching & Learning Bar

初学园地 For Beginners

    初学者量词(一) Measure Words for Beginners(I)

    初学者量词(二) Measure Words for Beginners(II)

    初学者量词(三) Measure Words for Beginners(III)

    初学者量词(四) Measure Words for Beginners(IV)

   初学者量词(五) Measure Words for Beginners(V)

    初学者量词(六) Measure Words for Beginners(VI)

    初学者量词(七) Measure Words for Beginners(VII)

    初学者量词(八) Measure Words for Beginners(VIII)

    初学者量词(九) Measure Words for Beginners(IX)

    初学者量词(十) Measure Words for Beginners(X)

    初学者量词(十一) Measure Words for Beginners(XI)

    初学者量词(十二) Measure Words for Beginners(XII)


    初学者基本句型(一) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (I)

    初学者基本句型(二) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (II)

    初学者基本句型(三) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (III)

    初学者基本句型(四) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (IV)

    初学者基本句型(五) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (V)

    初学者基本句型(六) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (VI)

    初学者基本句型(七) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (VII)

    初学者基本句型(八) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (VIII)

    初学者基本句型(九) Basic Sentence Patterns for Beginners (IX)


汉语学习 Chinese Learning

    绕口令1 Tongue Twisters 1

     绕口令2 Tongue Twisters 2

     绕口令3 Tongue Twisters 3


    汉语形象表达(一)Chinese Vivid Expressions(I)

    汉语形象表达(二)Chinese Vivid Expressions(II)

    汉语形象表达(三)Chinese Vivid Expressions(III)

    汉语形象表达(四)Chinese Vivid Expressions(IV)

    汉语形象表达(五)Chinese Vivid Expressions(V)

    汉语形象表达(六)Chinese Vivid Expressions(VI)

    汉语形象表达(七)Chinese Vivid Expressions(VII)

    汉语形象表达(八)Chinese Vivid Expressions(VIII)

    汉语形象表达(九)Chinese Vivid Expressions(IX)

    汉语形象表达(十)Chinese Vivid Expressions(X)

    汉语形象表达(十一)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XI)

    汉语形象表达(十二)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XII)

    汉语形象表达(十三)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XIII)

    汉语形象表达(十四)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XIV)

    汉语形象表达(十五)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XV)

    汉语形象表达(十六)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XVI)

    汉语形象表达(十七)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XVII)

    汉语形象表达(十八)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XVII)

    汉语形象表达(十九)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XIV)

    汉语形象表达(二十)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XX)

    汉语形象表达(二十一)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXI)

    汉语形象表达(二十二)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXII)

    汉语形象表达(二十三)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXIII)

    汉语形象表达(二十四)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXIV)

    汉语形象表达(二十五)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXV)

    汉语形象表达(二十六)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXVI)

    汉语形象表达(二十七)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXVII)

    汉语形象表达(二十八)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXVIII)

    汉语形象表达(二十九)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXIX)

    汉语形象表达(三十)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXX)

    汉语形象表达(三十一)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXXI)

    汉语形象表达(三十二)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXXII)

    汉语形象表达(三十三)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXXIII)

    汉语形象表达(三十四)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXXIV)

    汉语形象表达(三十五)Chinese Vivid Expressions(XXXV)


    英语缩略语中文译名(一)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(I)

    英语缩略语中文译名(二)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(II)

    英语缩略语中文译名(三)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(III)

    英语缩略语中文译名(四)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(IV)

    英语缩略语中文译名(五)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(V)

    英语缩略语中文译名(六)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(VI)

    英语缩略语中文译名(七)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(VII)

    英语缩略语中文译名(八)Chinese Translation of English Abbreviations(VIII)


    财经汉语(一)投资配额取消Finance and economics(I)quota limits abandoned

    财经汉语(二)北京大兴机场Finance & Economics(II) Beijing Daxing Airport

    财经汉语(三)大兴机场(续)Finance & Economics(III)Daxing Airport (Added)

    财经汉语(四)托马斯库克倒闭Finance & Economics(II)Thomas Cook Collapses



    时政汉语(一)特朗普发推与美股下跌Chinese for Current Affairs(I) Trump Tweets

    时政汉语(二)"愤怒的环保公主(Chinese for Current Affairs(II)"Angry Princess"

    时政汉语(三)六头大象互救时丧生CurrentAffairs Six elephants died saving others



    成语(一)"塞翁失马"Idom(I) "Saiweng Lost His Horse"

    成语(二)"刻舟求剑"Idiom(II) "Mark the Boat for Sword"

    成语(三)"朝三暮四" Idiom(III) "Change One's Mind Frequently"

    成语(四)"邯郸学步" Idiom(IV) "Learn to Walk in Handan"

    成语(五)"东施效颦"Idom(V) Blind Imitation with Ludicrous Effection

    成语(六)更多 Idioms(VI) More


    汉字笔顺知识 About Character Stroke Order


课堂辅导 Our Class

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(一)Our Course"Business Chinese"(I)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(二)Our Course"Business Chinese"(II)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(三)Our Course"Business Chinese"(III)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(四)Our Course"Business Chinese"(IV)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(五)Our Course"Business Chinese"(V)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(六)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VI)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(七)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VII)

"商务汉语"课堂辅导(八)Our Course"Business Chinese"(VIII)


"经济阅读"课堂辅导(一)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(I)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(二)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(II)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(三)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(III)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(四)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(IV)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(五)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(V)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(六)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(VI)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(七)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(VII)

"经济阅读"课堂辅导(八)Our Course"Economy Text Reading"(VIII)


诗词歌曲 Poems and Songs

    诗词(一)王之涣"登鹳雀楼"Poems(I) "Ascending Guanque Tower" by Wang Zhihuan

    诗词(二)苏轼“水调歌头”Poems(II)Su Shi - Lyrics tothe First Water Melody







歌曲让我们荡起双桨Let's Sway Twin Oars

歌曲甜蜜蜜 As Sweet as Honey

歌曲月亮代表我的心The Moon Represents My Heart

歌曲姑娘我爱你Song "I Love You Girl"

歌曲"青藏高原“ A Song "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau"

歌曲”好一朵美丽的茉莉花“ A Song"What a Beautiful Jasmin"

最新流行歌曲”说好不哭“ The latest pop song "Won't Cry"

歌曲"一条大河"A Song "A Wide River"

歌曲"我和我的祖国"A Song "My Motherland and Me"


HSK 练习 HSK Exercises


名称翻译 Term Translation



                                             II. 文化栏 Culture Bar

中国知识 About China

    中国-波兰友好省市China-Polska Sister Cities & Provinces

    在中国买火车票Buy Train Tickets in China

    西藏拉萨布达拉宫Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

    云南大理 Dali, Yunnan



汉语文化 Chinese Culture

    象形文字卡通片Cartoon about Hieroglyphics

    24式太极拳24-style Taijiquan

    初级剑术Primary Swordcraft

    一路和二路长拳Routines I & II Changquan

    太极剑Taiji Sword


热门话题 Heated Topics


浏览网站 Access to My Website


开心一刻 For Fun

    推理智力题Logic Puzzles


                                                 III. 信息栏 Information Bar


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