3   3                    Let us be back to sweet home



76. 关于延长国际中文教师奖学金(孔子学院奖学金)申请截止时间的通知

      Notice on Extending the Application Deadline of International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship


75.   浙江师范大学2020年孔子学院奖学金申请

       Zhejiang Normal University: Confucius Institute Scholarship Program 2020


74.   西安外国语大学2020年孔子学院奖学金申请

      • Xi’an International Studies University: Application for Confucius Institute Scholarship   2020


73.  2020年上海大学海外学生影视夏令营

 Overseas Students Film Summer School 2020,Shanghai University

72. 2020.3.15




Silk Road School, Renmin University of China (Suzhou)
Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies
2020 Program Overview


71. 2020.01.20




Job offer information. China Hydropower International Corporation need some interpreters working around Łęczna to the east of Lublin, to help Chinese company with their work and life. The requirement is that you can drive cars. The contract is one year.If you are interested or know someone who is interested in the job, please contact me ASAP.


70.    【全额奖学金】上海外国语大学

         【Full Scholarship】Shanghai International Studies University


69. “新汉学计划”2020-2021年度博士生项目已开始招生!





"Confucius Studies " 2020-2021 doctoral program registration begins!

To apply for the "Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship / Stypendium doktorskie / ", please click:


To apply for the "Ph.D. in China Fellowship / Informacje w języku polskim / ", please click:


The online application system will be closed at 23:59 (Beijing time) on February 20, 2020.

68. 中国驻波兰华沙大使馆招聘一位全职波兰籍秘书,负责科技文化教育方面的事务。有意愿者请尽快联系:yjh766@gmail.com,或519859379。    -- 2019.9.17

The Chinese Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, needs a full-time Polish Secretary for science, technology, culture and education. Those who are interested please contact asap: yjh766@gmail.com, or 519859379.                                              -- 17.09.2019


67. 为方便同学们查看我的微信公众号“杨老师汉学JYangSinology”,在左侧设立了专栏“微信平台WeChat Platform",同学们可以查看微信公众号的主要文字内容。

9月12号将在微信发送的是”财经汉语(一)投资配额取消Finance and economics(I)quota limits abandoned“,请大家关注。

In order to facilitate students to view my Wechat Public account "杨老师汉学JYangSinology", a column "微信平台WeChat Platform" has been set up on the left. You can view the main texts in my WeChat public account.

On September 12th, I will send "财经汉语(一)投资配额取消Finance and economics(I)quota limits abandoned" on Wechat. Please keep following.


66.       本网站重要信息
      你们好,我是杨老师。为了更快更好地向同学们和所有学习汉语的朋友们推送文章,我刚刚在热门聊天应用程序“微信”中建立了自己的订阅公众号“杨老师汉学JYangSinology”。请在手机上下载微信并点击⊕扫描下面的二维码直接进入,或者在“通讯录 - 公众号 - +”中搜索“杨老师汉学”或“JYangSinology”。

Vital Information of This Website
      Hi, I am JYang. I have just established my public account "杨老师汉学JYangSinology" to be subscribed in the popular chat app "WeChat", in order to push articles faster and better to students and all friends learning Chinese. Please download WeChat on your mobile phone and scan the QR code below by clicking ⊕ for direct access, or search for "杨老师汉学" or "JYang Sinology" in "Contacts - Official Accounts - +".
      Stay tuned and keep following “杨老师汉学JYangSinology”.



65. 中国银行(卢森堡)有限公司波兰分行





1. 负责个人客户、公司客户柜面服务、业务系统操作及产品营销;

2. 电子银行业务;

3. 客户KYC尽职;

4. 日常市场信息调研及统计报表报送等。


1. 英语、波兰语,会中文者优先;

2. 全日制本科及以上学历,经济、会计及金融相关专业教育背景者优先;

3. 有银行柜面业务工作经验者优先;

4. 有良好的团队合作和沟通能力,责任心强。







Bank of China (Luxembourg) Ltd. Poland Branch

Recruitment notice

According to the business needs of our bank, we are currently recruiting one sales department teller in Poland. The recruitment conditions are as follows:

▍ Recruitment position: Sales department teller

▍ Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for individual customers, company customer counter services, business system operations and product marketing;

2. Electronic banking business;

3. Responsible Customer KYC;

4. Daily market information research and submiting of statistical reports.

▍ Post Requirements:

1. English, Polish. Those who knows Chinese will be preferred;

2. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, economic, accounting and finance related professional education background is preferred;

3. Those who has experience in banking counter business is preferred;

4. Have good teamwork and communication skills and strong sense of responsibility.

▍ Other instructions:

1. Working location: Warsaw.

2. Applicants should provide their resumes in Chinese and English (with photos). At the same time, the Bank promises that the information on the candidates will be strictly confidential and will only be used for recruitment.

3. The specific salary is negotiable.

4. Recruitment deadline is July 14, 2019.

Those who are interested please send the application materials to: wangxu01@bankofchina.com, and those who meet the recruitment requirements will be notified separately.


64. 中国驻华沙大使馆教育处建立了一个在中国留学过的波兰朋友的微信交流群,请在中国学习过的同学们扫描下面的二维码参加这个微信群。

      The Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw has established a WeChat exchange group for Polish friends who had the experience of learning in China. Students who had the experience of learning in China are welcome to scan the QR code below to join in this WeChat group.



63. 今年是中波建交70周年。中国驻华沙大使馆准备借此机会在波兰出版一本书,记录波兰历届留华毕业生在中国的留学故事。这本书拟于下半年在波兰出版。现向所有在中国有留学经历的波兰学生征集稿件。文章内容可用波兰语写,字数不限。截止征稿日期为7月20日。文章请发送education@chinaembassy.org.pl

      This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Poland. The Chinese Embassy in Warsaw intends to take this opportunity to publish a book in Poland to record the stories of Polish graduates learning in China. The book is to be published in Poland in the second half of this year. Now contributions are collected from all Polish students who have the experience of learning in China. The articles can be written in Polish with no limitation for number of words. The deadline for submission is July 20. Please send your article to education@chinaembassy.org.pl .


62. 2019.6.14 卢布林天主教大学人文学院在教学楼红衣主教Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego会堂举行毕业典礼暨向毕业生颁发文凭仪式。

        14th June 2019 r. the Closing and Graduation is held w Auli Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego, gdzie nastąpi część oficjalna z wręczeniem dyplomów tegorocznym absolwentom.


61. 2019. 5.22 卢布林天主教大学“中国日”活动。

       "China Day" at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski on May 22, 2019.



60. 宝鸡文理学院(BUAS)提供若干学科全额奖学金,包括汉语语言与文学、初等教育、数学、化学及机械工程等。毕业后学生获得硕士学位。所有上述项目均用英语或汉语授课。



    Full Scholarship Programs at Baoji University of Arts and Sciences (BUAS), offering several scholarship programs including Chinese Language & literaturePrimary EducationMathematicsChemistry and Mechanical Enginerring etc. Students will get a master's degree after graduation. All the programs mentioned will be taught in English or Chinese.




59. 华沙附近的Nadarzyna中国博览会
招聘华沙展会中文 - 波兰语 翻译40名
展会: www.chinahomelife.org
Al. Katowicka 62, Nadarzyn, Polska
报名邮件请写明主题: 2019年5月展会翻译

w dniu 29 maja 2019 r. Targi chińskie Homelife do Nadarzyna pod Warszawą.

Three days from May 29 to 31, 2019 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Recruitment for 40 Chinese-Polish translators at Warsaw Fair,

Exhibition: www.chinahomelife.org

Exhibition venue: PTAK WARSAW EXPO

Al. Katowicka 62, Nadarzyn, Polska

Exhibition organizers pay as daily fee: 100 Euro dollars

Polish-speaking Chinese and Chinese-speaking Polish are welcome to register: info@pol-chin.pl

Please write in the registration email: May 2019 Fair Translation

And also write in the registration email:

Full name:




Email Address:

Telephone No.:

Living City:

WeChat (if any):

Polish and Chinese proficiency level:


58. 2019.5.10 at 10.00 与杰出的波兰文学翻译家座谈会

      w dniu 10 maja 2019 r. od godz. 10.00 odbędzie się spotkanie z wybitką tłumaczką literatury polskiej


57. 2019.5.29 华沙附近的Nadarzyna中国博览会

      w dniu 29 maja 2019 r. Targi chińskie Homelife do Nadarzyna pod Warszawą.



56. 西安市"一带一路"奖学金


1) 本科生 (30周岁以下)
·    高中毕业及以上学历
·    中文授课本科专业,汉语水平须达到新版HSK四级180分以上
2) 硕士研究生(35周岁以下)
·    大学本科毕业及以上学历,且本科阶段专业成绩良好
·    中文授课硕士专业,汉语水平须达到新版HSK五级180分以上
·    英文授课硕士专业,除英语为母语的申请人外,其余请 人英语水平须达到托福60分或雅思5.5分以上
3) 非学历语言进修生(45周岁以下)
·    须具有高中毕业及以上学历,成绩优秀
·    提供有效HSK成绩或汉语桥等国内外比赛获奖证书者优先

    Xi'an"Belt&Road Scholarships"

      Application Deadline: June 30th, 2019

1)Bachelor Programs (under the age of 30)
   Senior-high diploma and above
   HSK 4 with 180 scores for Chinese programs
2) Master Programs (Under the age of 35)
    Undergraduate diploma with good academic performance
    HSK 5 with 180 scores for Chinese programs
    TOEFL 60 or IELTS 5.5 for master programs in English
3) Non-degree Chinese Language Program (Under the age of 45)
    One year Chinese program
    Senior-high diploma with excellent academic performance
    Favorable consideration for valid HSK scores or Chinese Bridge Competition awards

55. 2019 浙江农林大学孔子学院奖学金(中文版)

  1) 一学年汉语研修

    2019 年 9 月入学,资助期限为 11 个月

  2) “汉语+”硕士项目

    2019 Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University Confucius Institute Scholarship (inEnglish)

    1) One-Academic-Year Chinese Language Study

        The program commences in September 2019, and provides scholarship for a maximum of         11 months;

    2) Chinese+ Master Programs
        Master in Wood Science and Technology
        Master in Landscaping
        Master in Food Engineering
       The program commences in September 2019, and provides scholarship of two academic years.  

54. 2019年4月9日,波兰卢布林天主教大学人文学院院长Magdalena Charzyńska-Wójcik教授和副院长Dariusz Skórczewski教授在西安外国语大学为17级波兰语学生举办以"波兰文学·城市·灵感"为主题的讲座。

     On April 9th, 2019, Prof. Magdalena Charzyńska-Wójcik, Dean of Wydział Nauk Humanistycznych, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, and Prof. Dariusz Skórczewski, Associate Dean, held a "Polish Literature, City·Inspiration" themed lecture for the 2017 students of Polish Faculty.


53. 2019波兰HSK & HSKK考试信息

       1) 弗罗茨瓦夫孔子学院  http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2063201

             2019-6-16(HSK); 2019-12-1(HSK & HSKK)

       2)波兹南密茨凯维奇大学孔子学院    http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2187893

              2019-5-11(HSK & HSKK)

        3)克拉科夫孔子学院    http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=100

              2019-2019-5-11(HSK & HSKK)

        4)格但斯克大学    http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=10400424

              2019-5-11(HSK& HSKK)

     2019 HSK & HSKK Exams in Poland

        1) Confucius Institute at Wroclaw University     http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2063201

            2019-6-16(HSK); 2019-12-1(HSK & HSKK)

        2) Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University     http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2187893

             2019-5-11(HSK & HSKK)

        3) Confucius Institute in Krakow    http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=100

             2019-2019-5-11(HSK & HSKK)

         4) Uniwesytet Gdanski    http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=10400424

              2019-5-11(HSK& HSKK)

52. 今年的波兰汉语桥比赛将于5月24日在奥波莱举行,如果你希望报名请尽快告诉我。 -- 2019.3.18

      The Chinese Bridge Competition in Poland this year will be held in Opole on May 24. If you wish to register,  please let me know as soon as possible. -- 18.03.2019

      比赛详情 Detail about Competition

51. 欢迎汉语学习者报名参加2019.2.24在天主教大学举行的HSK和HSKK汉语水平考试和汉语口语考试

      Chinese learners are welcome to register for HSK and HSKK at KUL scheduled on Feb.24, 2019.

50. 波兰“中国签证申请服务中心”网址和地址

           网址: https://bio.visaforchina.org/WAW2_EN/

           地址: Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa, Poland


          URL: https://bio.visaforchina.org/WAW2_EN/

          Address: Sienna 39, 00-121 Warszawa, Poland

49. 弗罗茨瓦夫大学孔子学院欢迎参加2019中东欧国家孔子学院赴华夏令营 -- 2019.3.12




      1) 7.12 -7.20 厦门(厦门大学)

        2) 7.20 – 7.26 北京(中东欧国家孔子学院夏令营)

      Instytut Konfucjusza w Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim awaits you to participate in the summer camp to China 2019 by the Confucius Institutes of Central and Eastern European Countries -- 12.03.2019

       Summer Camp - Brochure

       Summer Camp Registration Form 2019

        The Summer Camp Plan Wyjazdu is divided into two parts:

        1) 7.12 -7.20 Xiamen (Xiamen University)
            Programs include: Przylot do Xiamen, Zwiedzanie(Kampusu, Wycieczka do Ogrodu Botanicznego, Wizyta w Fabryce Herbaty, Zwiedzanie Wyspy Gulangyu), Lekcja (Lekeja J. Chinskiego: Konwersacja, Lekcja Taiji, Malarstwo Chinskie, Kaligrafia, Warsztaty z Tworzenia Chinskich Wezlow, Chinska Piosenka, Wprowadzenie do Kultury Kung-fu Oraz Sztuk Walki, Opera Pekingska,Czas Wolny ;

        2) 7.20 – 7.26 Beijing (Confucius Institute for Central and Eastern European Countries)

    The activities include: Przylot do Pekinu, Czas Wolny, Zwiedzanie(Zakazane Miasto, Teatr Narodowy, Plac Tian An Men, Qianmen, Światynia Nieba, Dzielnica 798, Stadion Narodowy w Pekinie, Plywalnia Olimpijska w Pekinie, Wielki Mur, Grobowce Dynastii Ming), Proby.


48. 上海外国语大学2019孔子学院奖学金 --2019.3.1


      Shanghai International Studies University: Application information for Confucius Institute Scholarship 2019 --01.03.2019

      Shanghai International Studies University: Application information for "CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP"

47. 西安外国语大学2019年孔子学院奖学金招生简章 --2019.3.1

      Application for 2019 Confucius Institute Scholarship of Xi'an International Studies University(XISU) --01.03.2019

46. 人民大学丝路学院“当代中国研究”硕士项目2019年开始招生。-- 2019.3.1


      Silk Road School, Renmin University of China (Suzhou), Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies 2019 Program Overview. --01.03.2019

                    PS: Renmin University of China: Recruitment Information

45. 欢迎汉语学习者报名参加2019.2.24在天主教大学举行的HSK和HSKK汉语水平考试和汉语口语考试

      Chinese learners are welcome to register for HSK and HSKK at KUL scheduled on Feb.24, 2019.

44. 2019年度卢布林天主教大学举办HSK和HSKK考试的网站已经开放

      Registration for 2019 HSK and HSKK at KUL begins.

       Time: 2019-2-24

       Website: http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=10400438

43. 孔子新汉学计划2019-2020年度博士招生开始
      2019 Confucius China Studies Program (CCSP) Ph.D. Fellowships Admission Launched.

            The program contact: Wang Xinsheng, gxinsheng@hanban.org.


        附: 厦门大学2019年度博士招生课程介绍

        Annex:  Chinese-Medium Doctoral Programs on Offer for 2019 Entry

42. 同学们,


      Now a Polish international-trade company (http://www.sellnet.pl) located in Rzepin, intends to hire a Polish student who is currently in China as the company trade liaison in China, mainly helping the company to contact Chinese manufacturers (mainly in In southern China, especially in such places as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Those who are interested in please contact me or contact the company directly (about contact information pls see the company website: http://www.sellnet.pl).  Please make known to all, thank you!

41.  近日很遗憾地了解到有的同学在申请各种奖学金时遇到一些麻烦(包括需要提供教师个人推荐信和机构推荐函及在华联系人信息等,以及与中国招生录取机构的联络),甚至由于未能及时获得需要提供的文件或信息从而失去了成功申请的机会。所以建议大家如果决定申请奖学金,请第一时间与你们信任的老师联系,我们会帮助你们做这些工作的,尽量不要自己去做。

        Recently, I am very sorry to learn that some of you have encountered some troubles when applying for scholarships (including the need to provide personal recommendation letters and institutional recommendation letters and contact information in China, as well as contact with Chinese admissions institutions), even the failure to get the documents or information needed in time has resulted in the missing of a successful application chance. Therefore, if you decide to apply for a scholarship, please contact the teacher you trust at your first time, and we will help you with these tasks.

40. 首届中国留学生波兰语演讲大赛26日在托伦举行。来自卢布林天主教大学的卢玉莹和孟婉莹获得1-2年组的第一名和第三名。

      The first “Polish Speech Contest of Chinese Students in Poland” was held in Torun on Nov.26, 2018. Lu Yuying and Meng Wanying from Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II won the first place and the third place w 1-2-letniej grupie.

        3   3 3

39. Zaproszenie na konferencję sinologiczną 19-21 listopada na Uniwersytecie im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu.


      The title of the Conference: "Metamorphoses: 30 years of transformations in China 30 years of Sinology in Poznań 10 years of Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University”

       会议题目:”变化: 中国改革30周年、波兹南汉学教学30周年及亚当 .密茨凯维奇大学孔子学院10周年”

        (Read the invatation on webpage 网页阅读邀请)

38. 波兰卢布林天主教大学阿尔卡迪乌什.顾特教授将于2018年11月6日在北京外国语大学波兰研究中心进行“文化:社会与文学叙事接受的视野和风向标”讲座

      A Lecture "Culture as a horizon and predictor of the reception of social and literary narration" by Prof. Arkadiusz Gut from Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II will be held at Poland Research Center of Beijing Foreign Languages Study University on Nov. 6, 2018.


37.中国中央电视台关于波兰参加中国国际进口博览会的新闻报道 Chinese Central Television Station: CCTV News Report about Poland and China International Import Expo

                China International Import Expl Video

36. 由中国国家留学基金管理委员会、中华人民共和国驻波兰共和国大使馆及华沙理工大学联合举办的2018 年中国高等教育展将于10 月21 日在华沙理工大学物理系举行。届时,北京大学、清华大学、华中科技大学、四川大学、复旦大学等国内25 所高校将前来参展,向波兰学生介绍来华留学政策、各自学校的专业优势,并回答他们提出的各种问题。
      时间:2018 年10 月21 日上午10:00
      地点:Faculty of Physics, WarsawUniversity of Technology
                ul. Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warszawa

      详情请见: http://www.plchinese.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=88994&from=timeline

      Szkoły Wyższe z Chin zaprezentują swoje programy na Targach Uniwersyteckich, które odbędą się w dniu
35. października 2018 w budynku Wydziału Fizyki Politechniki Warszawskiej (Ul. Koszykowa 75).
     Targi rozpoczynająsię o godzinie 10:00, wstęp jest bezpłatny.

      For detail, please visit:   http://www.plchinese.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=88994&from=timeline


34.  2018年度波兰举办HSK和HSKK考试的时间、地点和报名网站 Time, places and websites to register HSK and HSKK in Poland:

      1. 克拉科夫孔子学院 Confucius Institute in Krakow

          2018-12-2, Centrum Języka i Kultury Chińskiej UJ “Instytut Konfucjusza w Krakowie”


      2. 弗罗茨瓦夫孔子学院 Confucius Institute in Wroclaw University

          2018-12-2, sekretariat.ik@uwr.edu.pl



           2018-12-2, ul.Bazynskiego 1A, Gdansk, Poland


34. Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Poland  波兰中国签证申请服务中心

    It is kindly requested that visa applications with ordinary passports will be submitted to Chinese Visa Application Service Center from October 15, 2018.
    地址:ul. Sienna 39, Warszwa.
    邮箱: warsawcenter@visaforchina.org
    1. 普通服务:办理时间一般为4个工作日;
    2. 加急服务:办理时间一般为3个工作日;
    3. 邮寄服务:办理时间一般为10个工作日。
     It is kindly requested that visa applications with ordinary passports will be submitted to Chinese Visa Application Service Center from October 15, 2018.
    Address:ul. Sienna 39, Warszwa.
    Email: warsawcenter@visaforchina.org
    Office hour: Monday to Friday (Holidays excluded), 09:00-16:00
    Working days:

  1. Common Service: usually 4 working days.   

     2. Urgent service: usually 3 working days.     
     3. Mail service: usually 10 working days.


Entrance times

fee by Chinese Embassy

Fee by Visa Application Service Center



Extra urgent



Extra urgent





























Other countries

















Mult/half year
















33. Recruitment Notice of BANK OF CHINA (LUXEMBOURG) S.A., POLAND BRANCH 中国银行(卢森堡)有限公司波兰分行招聘启事


32. “CHIŃSKO-POLSKA IZBA GOSPODARCZA"("CHINESE-POLISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE") was officially founded in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on September 22, 2018. 波兰中国商会于2018年9月22日在波兰首都正式成立


31. Please visit "ChinyTech" 请浏览“中国科技”

30. "Literatura polska w Chinach" Published 《波兰文学在中国》出版

29. English and German Foreign Teachers Are Needed by Hebei University 河北大学招聘英语德语外籍教师

28. Recently Governer of Lublin visited Henan Province, China, and Signed "Sister Provinces Agreement between Lublin, Poland, and Henan, China"



27. 6.11日在中国驻波兰大使馆举行了隆重的“一带一路与波兰”征文大赛颁奖仪式。

     The grand award ceremony was held at the Chinese Embassy to Poland on June 11.

    3          3


    6月11日下午2:30 将在中国驻波兰大使馆举行隆重颁奖仪式,届时中国驻波兰大使将亲自为获奖同学及教师颁奖,并与同学及教师座谈。


    一等奖:聂静 (波兹南密茨凯维奇大学东方学院)






     The results of the "Belt and Road and Poland" essay contest just came out. Three out of the six winners are from Lublin Catholic University. We extend warm congratulations to them!

    A grand award ceremony will be held at the Chinese Embassy in Poland at 14:30, June 11. The Chinese ambassador to Poland will personally present awards to the award-winning students and teachers, and then have discussion with the students and teachers.

    The result of the essay contest is as follows:

         First Prize:    Nie Jing (Oriental College, Mickiewicz University, Poznan)

        Second Prize: Michał Zacharjasz (Department of Sinology, Catholic University, Lublin, now studying for PhD at Warsaw University)

                              Lan Lili (University of Warsaw)

        Third Prize:    Szymon Wloch (Department of Sinology, Catholic University, Lublin)

                             Anna Czapnik (Department of Sinology, Catholic University, Lublin)

                             Igor Szpotakowski (Jagiellon University, Krakow)

    Essay by Szymon Wloch

    Essay by Anna Czapnik



    Szymon Wlcoch 和 Anna Czapnik(安雅) 获三等奖,Aleksandra Hereć (奥拉) 获优秀奖。


    波兰只有八人获奖,卢布林天主教大学参 赛的三位同学全部获奖;这也说明天主教大学的同学有实力!



26. On May 15th, the Poland Regional Final of the 17th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Wo21rld Foreign College Students held in Poznan, by cri.cn

       国际在线:第17届“汉语桥”世界大学生中文比赛波兰赛区决赛 2018.5.15 在波兹南举行

       On May 15th, the Poland Regional Final of the 17th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for World Foreign College Students held in Poznan, by people.cn

       人民网: 第17届“汉语桥”世界大学生中文比赛波兰赛区决赛 2018.5.15 在波兹南举行

    附:汉语桥比赛选手问答题(供参考) Questions for Players to Answer (for reference)


            1.Questions for Chinese Language 汉语知识          2. Questions about China 国情知识

           3. Questions about Chinese Culture 文化知识         4. Topics for Speech 演讲题


            1.Questions for Chinese Language 汉语知识          2. Questions about China 国情知识

            3. Questions about Chinese Culture 文化知识         4. Topics for Speech 演讲题


            1.Questions for Chinese Language 汉语知识        2. Questions about China 国情知识

            3. Questions about Chinese Culture 文化知识

25. 五月10号,星期四下午14:00 开始在KUL校园里的草坪上我们一起练习太极拳,我们中国老师和中国同学和波兰同学一起练习,也欢迎所有有兴趣的人来一起练习太极拳(剑)。

      We will practise Taiji together on the lawn of KUL campus at 14:00 on Tursday, May 10, and Chinese teachers and students will pracise together with Polish students. All who are interested in Taiji (sword) practice are welcome.

24 关于组织业余兴趣活动小组 About Organizing Spare-time Hobbyists Groups:


    1) 你希望参加业余兴趣小组吗?

    2) 你希望学习什么活动:

         a. 太极拳            b. 太极剑       c. 剑术                 d. 长拳                  e. 中国围棋

         f. 中国象棋        g. 剪纸            h. 中国书法          i. 中国绘画           j. 你感兴趣的其他活动

    3.) 你可以参加活动的时间:

        a. 周二下午 14:00 - 15:30        b. 周四下午 14: 30        c. 周五下午

    Now your following feedbacks are needed in order to organize spare-time hobbyists groups:

    1) Will you wish to participate in the spare-time hobbyists groups?

    2. Co do you wish to learn:

        a. Taiji Fist               b. Taiji Sword             c. Swordmanship             d. Long Fist              e. Chinese GO (Wei Qi chess)

        f. Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi)       g. Paper Cutting       h. Chinese Calligraphy      i. Chinese Painting      j. Others you feel intereted in

    3. Time suitable to you:

        a. 14:00 - 15:30 on Tuesdays           b. 14:30 on Thursdays          c. on the afternoon of Fridays

23. 5th International Asian Congress in Toruń Closed on May 11 第五届国际亚洲大会11日在波兰托伦闭幕

22. Polish Promni Dancing Performance at International Culture & Arts Festifal in Tianjin 2018.4.30 波兰切申民族歌舞团在天津国际文化艺术节上精彩演出2018.4.30


 21. 如果你想参加2018天津理工大学组织的夏令营,也请尽快联系。详情请见上面通知3。机不可失,失不再来。

    If you are interested in the Summer Camp by Tianjin University of Technology, Please contact me as soon as possible. See Nr.3 above for detail. Now or Never!

20. 汉办网申请2018 孔子学院四周奖学金截至日期为4月20日。如果你仍希望获得该四周奖学金,请尽快联系我(J.Yang)

    The deadline of registration for 4-week Confucius Institute scholarship 2018 to China is April 20 on Hanban's website. If you still wish to have the chance for 4-week scholarship 2018 to China now, please contact me (J. Yang), and I will help you, but contact me asap.

19. 2018 “汉语桥”比赛波兰赛区(将于5月15日在波兹南举行)欢迎报名参加

    2018 "Chinese Bridge" Competition in Poland (to be held in Poznan on May 15) Welcome to register)


                Documents about Reviewing Questions for Chinese Bridge

                 1) 国情知识 Knowledge about China

                 2) 中国语言 About Chinese Language

                 3) 中国文化 About Chinese Culture

 18. 天津理工大学 2018 年孔子学院奖学金招生简章

     Enrollment Information of 2018 Confucius Institute Scholarship at Tianjin University of Technology

17. 弗罗茨瓦夫孔子学院组织2018夏令营

     2018 Summer Camp organized by Confucius Institute in Wroclaw

16. 天津理工大学和波兹南孔子学院组织2018夏令营

     2018 Summer Camp organized by Tianjin University of Technology and Confucius Institute in Poznan

15. KUL国际交流处 关于西安外国语大学2018/2019招生的通知

    Dział Współpracy z Zagranicą ogłasza nabór na semestralne studia na Xi'an International Studies University w roku akademickim 2018/2019

14. KUL国际交流处 关于长江师范学院2018/2019招生的通知

   Dział Współpracy z Zagranicą ogłasza nabór na semestralne studia na Yangtze Normal University w roku akademickim 2018/2019 

13. Adrian Skoczyński from KUL is one of the candidates of "Most Shining International Student" in the Opening Ceremony of Sports Meeting of the university in China 天主教大学学生李安参加在中国的大学春运会开幕式“最美留学生”评选

12. Video of Taiwan Travel/Orchid island/Lanyu(Akokey) edited by Mr. Jakub Kolodynski of KUL 天主教大学林奈先生编辑的视频臺灣之行/蘭嶼(雅美語/達悟語)

      Appendix: Grammar of Akokey 附达悟语语法

11. Report from United Nations--"Interpretaters at UN" 专题报道--联合国“翻译官”(内附联合国招聘网址 with UN Job Application Website)

10. Applying Jobs at United Nations 在联合国求职

9. Polish and English Teachers Wanted in China 招聘波兰语英语外教

8. Polish Professor Wojciech Kruszewski in China 波兰天主教大学教授在西安外国语大学

7. KUL Rector in China 天主教大学校长在西安外国语大学

6. 2018 UN Chinese Language Day 2018 联合国中文日

5. Chinese Folk Performances in Poland in Apr.27, 2018 中华曲艺波兰行 2018.4.27

4. Bazy EBSCO - baza zakresu sinologii - informacje EBSCO 数据库 - 汉学文献信息

3. Journal of Chinese Humanities 文史哲杂志

2. Brill: Journal of Chinese Humanities 文史哲杂志

1. Pismo: Azja pacyfik-spoleczenstwo polityka gospodarka 亚太地区-社会政治经济杂志

0. 波兰历史导读 A_guide_to_the_history_of_Poland

0. 波兰简史视频 The short story of Poland began here MP4

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