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The Chairman's Bao-Chinese Immersion of Learning Mandarin 主席的宝-浸入式学习汉语

新HSK网络练习/模考题库 New HSK Online/Mock Test

对外汉语学习网 Learning Mandarin Chinese


Learning Chinese Online 易学汉语


Slow Chinese 慢速中文


Learning Chinese 学汉语

Learning Chinese Online for Free 沪江汉语

Skritter Learn-Your Path to Chinese & Japanese Mastery

Madarin Matrix

Polish Chinese 课程:波兰语-汉语

Learning Chinese through Traditional Chinese Holidays

China Internation Radio

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online

Great Wall Chinese 长城汉语

Confucius Institute Online 网络孔子学院

Happy Chinese on CCTV 中央电视台快乐汉语

  Happy Chinese on CCTV 中央电视台快乐汉语

Mandarin Chinese-lessons on YouTube 网络视频汉语教学

LingQers Learning Languages

Learning Chinese Everyday 天天学中文

Zhong Wen 中文

Online Training for Language Proficiency Tests (HSK)


Digital Dialects

Chinese Tools

Language Squad

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