What kind of Chinese proficiency does HSK Level 1 to Level 6 represent?



In March this year, the Ministry of Education of China and the National Language and Writing Committee formally issued the "International Chinese Language Education Standards for Chinese Proficiency Levels" (GF0025-2021) (hereinafter referred to as "standards"). The "standard" has been formally implemented from July 1, 2021.



According to the "Standards", the HSK test will first add the levels 7-9 on the basis of the stability of the existing six levels of tests. It is planned to take the test at the end of this year. The current HSK 1-6 levels will be gradually adjusted in the next 3-5 years based on the "Standard" and the actual situation of Chinese learners in various countries.


In order to help everyone better understand the requirements of the current HSK test syllabus and make it easier for candidates to apply for the corresponding level test, today, let's understand what Chinese level HSK 1-6 represents.


HSK一级 HSK Level 1


Candidates can understand and use some very simple Chinese words and sentences, and have the ability to further study Chinese.


考试内容 Examination Content:



HSK Level 1 Test Question: Please choose the correct answer.

你怎么去那个饭店?How do you get to that restaurant?

A 中国人。

B 7点了。

C 苹果。

D 20块。

E 坐出租车。

F 好的,谢谢!

(答案 Answer: E)


HSK二级 HSK Level 2



Candidates can use Chinese to communicate simply and directly on some common topics in life.


考试内容 Examination Content:



HSK Level 2 Test Question: Please choose the correct answer.

这件衣服她(  )穿过一次。

A 去年


C 希望



F 事情

(答案 Answer: A)


HSK三级 HSK Level 3


Candidates can use Chinese to complete basic communication tasks in life, study, work and other aspects.


考试内容 Examination Content:



HSK Level 3 Test Question: Please choose the correct answer.



A 很难

B 题很多

C 时间不长

(答案 Answer: B)


HSK四级 HSK Level 4


Candidates can communicate on more complex topics in Chinese, and express more standardized and appropriate expressions.

考试内容 Examination Content:



HSK Level 4 Test Question: Please choose the correct answer.

真正的朋友应该像(  ),能让你看清自己的缺点。

A 钥匙

B 提醒

C 镜子

D 坚持

E 暖和

(答案 Answer: C)


HSK五级 HSK Level 5


Candidates can use Chinese to discuss, evaluate and express opinions on more abstract or professional topics, and can deal with various communication tasks more easily.

考试内容 Examination Content:



HSK Level 5 Test Questions: Please select one that is consistent with the content of the test questions.


If you want to improve the quality of sleep, you must pay attention to the time to fall asleep. The time to fall asleep for better sleep quality is 9pm to 11pm, 12pm to 1:30pm, and 2am to 3:30pm. At this time, the body's energy decreases, the reaction slows down, and the mood is low, which is conducive to the body's sweet dreams.

A 中午不适合睡眠

B 每天必须睡够8个小时

C 入睡时间影响睡眠质量

D 早睡觉有利于身体健康

(答案 Answer: C)


HSK六级 HSK Level 6


Candidates can freely use Chinese in various social communication activities, and the application level of Chinese is close to that of native Chinese speakers.


考试内容 Examination Content:



HSK Level 6 Test Questions: Please choose the correct answer.

高中生与初中生相比,在做出判断和决定前能更多地(  )各种事实和可能性,(  )行动的各种可能后果,决定一旦做出也能更(  )地见诸行动。

A 考察   预料   明显

B 考虑   预计   迅速

C 考验   预见   充分

D 思考   预测   显著

(答案 Answer: B)



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HSK一至六级代表了怎样的中文水平?What kind of Chinese proficiency does HSK Level 1 to Level 6 represent?