Songs by Deng Lijun 邓丽君歌曲

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        甜蜜蜜 MP4 Sweet as Miod MP4

        月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart MP4

        在水一方 On the Side of Water MP4

        又见炊烟 Kitchen Smoke Again MP4

        春在嵗嵗年年 Spring All the Year Round MP4

        但愿人长久 MP4 Wish a Long Life MP4

        古詩詞歌曲 Ancient Poem Song MP4

        你怎么說 What Can You Say MP4

        几多愁 How Much Sadness MP4

        美酒加咖啡 Wine plus Coffee MP4

           美酒加咖啡 Wine plus Coffee MP4

        悄悄的告訴你 Telling You by Whispering MP4

        我只在乎你 I Only Care about You MP4

        四季歌 Song of Four Seasons MP4

        天涯歌女 A Girl Singer in the Remote End MP4

        小城故事 Story of a Small Town MP4

        夜来香 Cordate Telosma MP4

        一簾幽夢 Faint Dreams MP4

        洪湖水浪打浪 Waves of Honghu Lake Video


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